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The Scole Experiment


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Spirit Lights during
The Scole Experiment

by Robin Foy

One of the earliest phenomena that occurred during the five years of the Scole Experiment was the production and display (by the Spirit Team) of amazing Spirit Lights. Many different types of these – in several different colours – were developed and demonstrated over the years. In fact, these exceptional Spirit Lights came to be the Scole Group’s regular ‘Signature’ Phenomena (which occurred at almost all of our experimental sessions), and particularly the phenomena we were known best for in the early days of Scole.

One of the earliest phenomena that occurred during the five years of the Scole Experiment was the production and display (by the Spirit Team) of amazing Spirit Lights. Many different types of these – in several different colours – were developed and demonstrated over the years. In fact, these exceptional Spirit Lights came to be the Scole Group’s regular ‘Signature’ Phenomena (which occurred at almost all of our experimental sessions), and particularly the phenomena we were known best for in the early days of Scole.

    Spirit Lights were accompanied by sparks

Scole Spirit lights 1

We first witnessed the Spirit Lights during one of the experimental sessions held on December 13th 1993, when all 7 members of the Scole Experimental Group were present. There was no question, however, of these appearing faintly on the first occasion (as often happens when groups are developing).

These were definite spirit lights (observed by all of us who were conscious), each one small but very bright and blue-white in colour. They were seen by sitters throughout the whole of this experimental session. Indeed, they were very spectacular, and resembled ‘shooting stars’ when we saw them.

Whenever they appeared, they curved downwards from the area of the ceiling at high speed before disappearing. These small objective Spirit Lights were not sustained to begin with, but on occasions they were accompanied by sparks and a distinctive ‘crackling’ noise.

    Spirit lights NOT planned by The Spirit Team!

At one of our usual sessions shortly afterwards, our Spirit Team explained to us that the visible Spirit Lights had NOT been planned by the Spirit Team as such. In fact, they were the unexpected consequence and side-effect of another important experiment the Team were working on at that time. Immediately they realised, however, that these lights were not only visible to us, but spectacular in their appearance, an executive decision was made by the Spirit Team and the ‘Council of Communion’ to develop them constantly as a permanent form of phenomena, both at Scole and during public demonstrations of our work.

    Dancing about in mid-air

Scole Spirit lights 2

At a Scole session on January 3rd 1994, it was clear that the ‘shooting star’ style of Spirit Lights was still there, but they were now much more sustained than they had been previously. Some now lasted for a few minutes, and were able to move around the room constantly – even ‘dancing’ on the table, and on the ceiling. At one point in the evening, the ‘Spirit Team’ asked us to concentrate out thoughts on the ‘Golden’ Portal they had constructed, without speaking to one another. This we did, and whilst this was happening, the Spirit Lights became noticeably brighter and more frequent. On January 17th, the Spirit Lights excelled themselves, with a continuous display throughout the sitting; dancing about in mid-air, and constantly moving about the room at a tremendous speed. At one point, no less than 19 of them fell from the ceiling area one after the other (again like shooting starts) to disappear into the circular table in the centre of the room. Shortly afterwards, the same number shot out of the table into the air again!

    Moving at lightning speed

Scole Spirit lights 3

One particular Spirit Light, of the same size and blue-white colour, was more sustained than any we had previously seen. This described a perfect circle in the air at such speed that there appeared to be a continuous circle of light in front of our very eyes. It was so fast that the effect was very similar to a ‘Catherine Wheel’ firework. It would have been quite impossible for this effect to have been achieved by any human agency. There was a significant further development of the Spirit Lights one week later. These were so prolific on January 24th throughout the whole of the session so that they resembled a constant pyrotechnic display. They danced about all over the place, usually moving at lightning speed from one place to another. Often, they would circle the table, and make sort of ‘skating movements’ across its surface.

Lights passing through a solid table from top to bottom
Their individual duration became longer and longer whilst – on occasions – they seemed to merge with several of the objects in the room that were being levitated by Spirit. For the very first time, these Spirit Lights (which were quite small; about the size of a garden pea) touched two of the sitters. One sitter – whose hair was not as prolific as it had once been – was touched on the bald spot. He described the feeling as ‘a little like the touch of a ‘fluttering butterfly’, whilst Sandra, who was touched by another Spirit Light’ on the hand, thought the sensation was ‘similar to that of a twig or cane’ touching her. As the weeks passed, we noticed that sometimes, two or more of the Spirit Lights would combine together, to produce a larger and more sustained result. We also learned that the Spirit Lights had ‘substance’. When the lights landed on the feet of two members of the Scole Group, they described the sensation as being like a small child’s ‘play marble’ landing on them. It was interesting too, to observe the lights passing through a solid table from top to bottom, or vice versa – as they demonstrated their ability to do so with ease. When this happened – on occasions – there was a ‘rap’ on the table when the light initially struck it to pass through its surface, although it could just as well happen totally silently. Equally interesting for us was to see not one, but two Spirit Lights, moving round the room in formation, and maintaining a constant distance of about four inches between them as they circumnavigated the room. By request, at this stage, the lights regularly touched the hands of members of the group as we sat.

    Sheets of luminosity

Scole Spirit lights 4

By March of 1994, the Spirit Team introduced us to a slightly different type of Spirit Light – very similar in appearance to the original lights, but these – as they moved around – were able to act as a source of light (as well as simply being visible), projecting a beam of blue-white spirit light onto sitters and into parts of the room, so that the results and subsequent illumination was highly visible to all of us who were present. These ‘torchlike’ lights were present alongside the original ones, but on two occasions on March 7th, the beams were projected onto the head and shoulders of a visiting Spirit Personality. This person, who was looking straight at me at the time was easily identi-fiable in the projected light. Around the same time, we started to experience the sudden appearance of patches of luminosity throughout the room all of which seemed initially to be about the same size as a football. These then grew smaller and brighter, before disappearing altogether. A week later, sheets of luminosity started to appear which lit up the whole room so well that we were able to see one another.

Ball of energy with sparkling facets

On April 18th 1994, the central table was illuminated by a bright spirit light, so that we could all see two fingers of a child, each of them complete with fingernails. A spirit light also ‘posed’ long enough in front of one of our 35mm cameras in the room for us to take a picture of it! Further developments of the Spirit Lights happened in October, when some of them slowly became what can only be described as a ‘ball of energy with sparkling facets’ in front of our eyes, these being about the size of a golf ball. On October 31st 1994, a bright spirit light appeared – for the very first time – inside our sealed glass dome. On April 9th 1995 a spirit light inside the glass dome appeared for a long period, almost giving the effect of a torch beam on the ceiling. One week later, a RED spirit light, about 4 inches long, and looking like a neon tube (slightly curved) appeared in the top of the dome, with what appeared to be a smoky atmosphere around it. At the same session, a RED pencil-like beam of Spirit Light shone across the table from the bottom of the glass dome. Later, a brilliant pea-size source of red light appeared in the top of the dome, beaming its illumination onto sitters faces so that it lit them up. Then, this red beam of Spirit Light occasionally rotated round the top of the dome, giving the effect of a ‘Lighthouse’ with its regular flashes. I took a picture of this with my 35mm camera, which was used on the cover of my first book ‘In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship’.

Illuminated spirit hands and fingers

During May 1995, our solid ‘teleported’ Spirit visitors started to carry bright blue-white spirit lights in their hands, then walk around the room so that each sitter could clearly see (and study closely) their illuminated spirit hands and fingers. On May 26th, GREEN Spirit Lights appeared for the very first time. Three days later, a green Spirit Light in the glass dome was produced in a new way, using crystal energy. The spiritual ‘essence’ of a crystal was used, so that it appeared to us that the light was coming from a visible small crystal, sitting in the bottom of the dome, although – in reality – NO physical crystal was present. At the same session, the green illumination from the Spirit Light was sufficient for us all to see the tangible outline of a Spirit Visitor, who was sitting amongst us on a spare chair he had pulled up into the circle. We could clearly define his face and hand area, as he rocked gently back and forward on the chair for us to see him.

Bright torch-like beams of a greenish-white colour

A new type of unidirectional Spirit Light was demonstrated to us by the Spirit Team on August 4th 1995. This became known as ‘Sandra’s Tube’, and consisted of a brilliant light source at the rear of a Spirit-constructed ‘tube’ or ‘hood’. This gave off bright torchlike beams of a greenish-white colour in a single direction. I have since witnessed similar Spirit Lights at demonstrations by physical medium Kai Muegge. Our various Spirit Lights at Scole continued with great gusto to regularly perform various ‘Aerobatics’ with their rapid movements at all of our public demonstrations, as well as during our private sessions.

    Healing Spirits Lights passes through sitters bodies

Scole Spirit lights 5 Healing light

Light enter the bodies of sitters who needed healing

The development of the Spirit Light for healing purposes continued thereafter, and mostly, it was me who was used by the Spirit Team as the ‘Guinea Pig’. The light would stay inside me for longer and longer periods – eventually up to 10 minutes – during which I could physically feel it travelling round all over inside my body, before it once again flew out of my chest or arm. On several occasions much later, whilst we were demonstrating the Scole Phenomena with visitors present at home and overseas, the light would enter the bodies of sitters who needed healing. These sitters were later able to confirm that their health problems were much better after this experience.

A classic case amongst the others involved one of our sittings in Los Angeles, when the light entered the chest of a man who had heart problems. At the same session was a lady who had suffered great pain in both her knees for several years. After the Spirit Light entered one of her knees, the lady reported to us the next day that all of the pain in that knee had disappeared. She was so pleased that she returned a few days later to sit with us again. This second time, the Spirit Light entered her other knee. She told us afterwards, that all the pain had disappeared from her second knee too!! Amazingly, many years after this event, both of the lady’s knees were still totally free of pain!!

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