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The Scole Experiment


Article № 3.

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Apport Phenomena at Scole

by Robin Foy

Article № 3.

The Scole Spirit Team

The Spirit Team involved in the Scole Experiment

by Robin Foy

I think that at this stage, it is important for me to go into some detail regarding the wonderful Spirit Personalities and ‘Other Dimensional Friends’ who were an integral part of the special Spirit Team who worked with us at Scole. Over the 5-year duration of ‘The Scole Experiment, we came to know, love and respect them just as much as we did the other close members of our own personal earthly families.

I can make a definite distinction between those few members of the Spirit Team with whom we were in constant and regular communication throughout the Experiment (a sort of ‘front-of-house’ situation involving just a comparative handful of guides and helpers), and many others who proved to be what we referred to as ‘Drop-In’ Communicators (those who spoke to us on a ‘one-off’ single occasion, or just a few isolated occasions during our sessions). Over the years, there were five very different methods which were used for their direct communication with us – including a form of energy-based Independent Voice – but I will go into these five different methods in greater depth during another article.

Spirit Personalities and ‘Other Dimensional’ beings

In fact, we were told on several occasions by our regular communicators that our ‘Spirit Team’ as such actually consisted of several hundred separate Spirit Personalities and ‘Other Dimensional’ beings, all of whom had an important input into the Scole work in different and various specialist  ways to reflect their personal abilities and talents. Most of these, however, remained in the background – behind the scenes – apart from their input into specific experiments, or specialist phenomena, when their identities were revealed.

It was in the summertime of 1993 that our Scole Spirit Team first started to make themselves known to us. Of the two mediums involved, Alan was the least experienced, having rarely been involved in trance communication before. His wife Diana, however, had considerable experience as a trance medium. During the summer sessions at Scole in 1993, Alan’s trance mediumship started to really flourish. The initial communicator who spoke to us through his trance condition was Patrick McKenna. To begin with, we thought that we might be dealing with a ‘Rescue’, as Patrick first made himself known to us, when he appeared to speak whilst almost in a drunken condition. That, however, was simply Patrick re-living the last period of his life on earth, after he left the Catholic Priesthood. During that period, he had sometimes turned to alcohol for solace. That was how we originally perceived him. We learned (as we got to know him better) that as a ‘defrocked’ Priest he had been ‘a bit of a rogue’ in his lifetime, who had died towards the end of the second world war. He pointed out, however, that he had – at the time – been far away from the hostilities, in a remote place.

Valued and trusted Spirit Guide

It was not long, however, before Patrick was able to speak to us pleasantly and lucidly for long periods – and to stay in situ through Alan for over an hour occasionally. His communication skills rapidly grew, and we accepted him as a jovial ex-priest who became a loving friend to us all. Patrick’s job, to begin with, in the circle was to get us relaxed and laughing at his never ending jokes and banter. From then onwards, Patrick was a regular communicator for the rest of the ‘Scole Experiment’. He was a valued and trusted Spirit Guide of the Scole Experimental Group.

Sir William Crookes

Shortly after our introduction to Patrick McKenna, another Spirit Team Member made himself known to us. This spirit friend (who also spoke through Alan’s trance state) simply gave the name of ‘William’, and was known only by that name thereafter during sessions, and public demonstrations. He was a scientist, and rapidly brought us (exclusively for the Scole Group members) excellent evidence of his real identity, by giving exact information about himself that none of us knew, but were able to verify via research. In fact, he was Sir William Crookes (an accomplished scientist and avid Psychic Researcher during his lifetime). He worked with us – and communicated at Scole constantly throughout the whole of our Scole Experiment.


At the same time as these first two regular communicators came to us during 1993, so too did the Spirit Guide who called himself ‘Manu’. Manu was an advanced and evolved soul who spoke precisely and clearly through the entranced Diana. He was an expert in Energies, and especially in the power and energies of crystals. He rapidly took over the position in the Spirit Team of the ‘Main’ Guide, ‘Chief’ Guide or ‘Doorkeeper’, and he was soon the first to speak to us during every session of the ‘Scole Experiment’. He would open each session with a short dissertation or uplifting speech, and issue occasional instructions to the sitters for any specific experiment. The name, or word ‘Manu’ actually means ‘teacher’. After his communication, he would then withdraw to undertake his prime function, as it was his job to ‘blend’ the three different types of energy available into the ‘Creative Energy’ needed for the Spirit Team to produce Physical Phenomena.

Manu was an ancient soul with the experience of many incarnations. One of these took place in an area of Southern America, and he told us that his mother had been human, whilst his father was from another dimension. Because of these ancestors, he had enjoyed a life on Earth of almost 200 years at that time, during which he had been able to pass on much wisdom from his parents and their forefathers to the human race.

‘Rajput’ or Son of a King

Next came our jovial Group Guide ‘Raji’ who also spoke through the entranced Alan. He introduced himself, and stayed with us for the whole of the ‘Scole Experiment’. Raji described himself as a ‘Rajput’ (from the Sanscrit that means ‘Son of a King’). The Rajputs are a very proud Hindu warrier race (a couple of the apports we received at Scole were his campaign medals). Like Patrick, Raji was also full of never-ending jokes and banter to relax sitters, and he was an expert in meditation – frequently giving us tips for our own methods of daily meditation. After he had been with us for some time, Raji would often bring his assistant with him when he visited the Group, and would refer to this unkempt and dirty assistant simply as ‘Small Boy’.

Independent Energy Voices

A further member of the Spirit Team was Edward Marshall, who initially spoke to us on December 27th 1993. Edward told us that he had come from London, where he and his father worked in their own business. As an army officer, he had been tragically killed in the First World War on the 8th of August 1917. This Spirit Team member spoke to us regularly through the entranced Alan for several months, as well as being the first to attempt to speak to us via the ‘Independent Energy Voices’.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as ‘Edwin’

Next to make himself known (on February 7th 1994) to the Scole Group was a communicator who supplied his identity as the initials ‘A.C.D.’ Speaking through the entranced Alan, he explained that as he would be working permanently with the Scole Group, he preferred to be known simply as ‘Edwin’. Whilst living his life as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he had been a good friend of Charles Dickens, whose final book had been ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’. ‘Edwin’ went on to say that many well known Spirit personalities would use pseudonyms whilst working with us at Scole. The reason for this was that any message that these well-known communicators might bring was important in its own right, but if such a message or remark was attributed to ‘Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’, many people present would be more interested in (and pay more attention to) whether this was the real ACD speaking (or not) rather than paying attention to exactly WHAT was being said by that spirit personality. In other words, the message was more important than the messenger. Nevertheless, he did bring us much evidence over the years to actually prove his identity, including putting a clear photograph of himself onto an unexposed film.

ACD at Scole experiement
ACD did among other things, prove him self by putting this photograph of himself onto an unexposed film.  What took place during the Scole Experiment was more than “supernatural”. It was out of THIS WORLD.  Please read Robins Foy books to get the whole great story!   -(Italic text by KREI)-

Sir Oliver JOSEPH Lodge

Not to be outdone, another member of the Spirit Team who came to us at around the same time – also speaking through the entranced Alan – gave his name as ‘Joseph’. He was – in life – Sir Oliver JOSEPH Lodge, and became a very regular communicator. Joseph too was heavily involved in helping with and organising the various experiments we undertook as the ‘Scole Group’. Like ‘Edwin’, ‘Joseph’ was a permanent member of the Spirit Team, and remained with us until the Experiment finished in 1998.

Paxton of ‘The Council of Communion’

On March 14th 1994, we were privileged to meet another evolved spirit personality. Known to us only as ‘Paxton’, he was a member of ‘The Council of Communion’. This was a group of 13 evolved souls who actually planned and oversaw the activities and phenomena of not only the Scole Experimental Group, but also a number of other similar experimental groups. They acted rather like the ‘Board Members’ of a ‘Holding Company’, having the ultimate say as to the planning (from Spirit) of what was being developed and demonstrated by way of energy-based physical phenomena within the various experimental groups they were in charge of.

To level of a Deep-Freeze storeroom

A second evolved member of the ‘Council of Communion’ introduced himself as ‘Abraham’ on April 4th 1994. Both of these important members of the Spirit Team spoke to us regularly, but were only able to do so when no visitors were present in the sessions. For their communications to take place, the ‘energies’ in the room had to be altered somewhat, and the temperature dropped almost to the level of a Deep-Freeze storeroom.

Mrs Bradshaw

The penultimate and perhaps the most important member of the Spirit Team (with a past earth life) from the point of view of survival ‘evidence’ supplied during the Scole Experiment was ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ who spoke for the first time on April 25th 1994 through the entranced Diana. We did not discover for another two years that she was ‘Emily Bradshaw’. She seemed very cultured but quite severe when she first came to us so that we would never have dared refer to her by her Christian name early on, and it was only after the three SPR investigators who sat with us regularly started to refer to her as ‘Emily’ (following Patrick’s revelation of her Christian Name) that we – as members of the Scole Group – did as well. We believed early on that ‘Mrs Bradshaw’  would not put up with any nonsense as she showed very little humour initially, though her manner was exact and respectful at all times.

At the beginning of our relationship, ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ struck us as a very refined lady from the ‘Upper Classes’.  We later learned that she had undertaken a certain amount of charity work in her lifetime, helping poverty-stricken people, rather than pursuing a profession as such. Speaking only in the best ‘Oxford English’, her diction was clear and precise. However, since ‘Emily’ still had relatives living (although she had described herself as a ‘Victorian Lady’ in answer to a direct question from Professor Arthur Ellison), Mrs. Bradshaw was reluctant to reveal her true identity during her last Earth life, or give us much personal detail about herself. In fact – although from her first communication in April 1994 onwards, Emily was the only other communicator (apart from Manu) who came to speak to us on every occasion that the Scole Group sat together, we were never told exactly who ‘Emily Bradshaw’ was. Like most of the other group helpers in the Spirit Team, Emily did tell us, however, that the name we knew her by was just a pseudonym.

Emily became almost as ‘surrogate mother’

Personally, by putting many clues together, I have a strong theory myself of Emily’s actual identity, but this I would never divulge without her specific permission. Over the weeks, months and years, our relationship with Emily gradually became very much warmer and more jocular. We looked forward eagerly to her contact with us at every session. As a much-loved communicator, Emily became so close to us that we regarded her very much like an extra member of our own earthly families. To us, she was almost a ‘surrogate mother’, who constantly brought through amazing evidence of the afterlife, and extremely accurate personal messages from our families and loved ones in Spirit. She was, perhaps, the one permanent member of the Scole Spirit Team who we missed the most when ‘The Scole Experiment’ finished prematurely and unexpectedly in November 1998.

Reg Lawrence, the engineer

Finally, the other member of the Scole Spirit Team who I have not mentioned so far was ‘Reg Lawrence’. During his lifetime, ‘Reg’ had been an engineer. He rapidly became our resident expert communicator via the ‘Independent Energy Voices’, which came from a source in mid-air that would frequently move around the room. His communications (often lasting up to half an hour) were loud and clear, and did not come from the two mediums. ‘Reg’ was a joker, who demonstrated the ‘Energy Voices’ frequently during demonstrations for the public – often touching sitters as he spoke to them, and to us, and joking with the ladies who were present.

Many ‘Drop-In’ friends

The hundreds of conversations we had with ‘Drop-In’ communicators over the years are far too many to list (or to go into depth about) here, although I will cover more detail in later articles about some of the ‘Evidence’ we received through the many ‘Drop-In’ friends we came to know.

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