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Article № 8.

Four Spectacular Energy-based Physical Phenomena

New & Exclusive to the ‘Scole Experiment’ 

VPI’s, standing for Visual Projected Images.

SVO’s, standing for Sustained (or Stationary) Visible Objects.

MVO’s, standing for Mobile Visible Objects.

VSB’s, standing for Visible Spirit Beings.

Our Spirit Team always encouraged us to invent our own terminology to describe what we were experiencing – mainly because they did not want their Scole phenomena (which was being produced by them in the newer energy-based way) to be confused with the traditional terminology used for ectoplasm-based phenomena that had taken place for almost 150 years by that time.

This article covers four slightly different types of physical phenomena that we believed to be exclusive to the ‘Scole Experiment’ whilst it was happening. I can classify these under four separate headings, which are all terms we coined ourselves (to describe these spectacular visible types of phenomena at Scole) during the experiments. Our Spirit Team always encouraged us to invent our own terminology to describe what we were experiencing – mainly because they did not want their Scole phenomena (which was being produced by them in the newer energy-based way) to be confused with the traditional terminology used for ectoplasm-based phenomena that had taken place for almost 150 years by that time.

   1st Energy-based Physical Phenomena:VPI’s, standing for Visual Projected Images.New & Exclusive Energy-based Physical Phenomena to the ‘Scole Experiment’ 

The ‘Visible Projected Images’ we experienced were the first of these extraordinary and exciting phenomena to be seen, and the very first to occur was witnessed by us on Monday, February 21st 1994. That was the sitting we referred to as the special ‘Patrick Night’. Our affable, jolly Spirit Team Guide and one time defrocked Priest – Patrick McKenna – was very proud of the fact that the ‘Council of Communion’, who oversaw our work from the Spirit World, had allowed this one session to be dedicated exclusively to Patrick (although the rest of the Spirit Team still beavered away in the background as usual to help wherever necessary). With the whole Scole Group present (7 of us at that time), the session lasted longer than any of our other sittings so far – 3 whole hours, in fact! Before we started the session (and as a joke) we placed an ashtray; a cigar; a pint of Guinness and a pint glass on an empty wooden chair at the back of the cellar whilst we sat – knowing that Patrick had enjoyed his cigars and Guinness when he was living.

        The whole surface of the Central Table was illuminated brightly

After the introduction by Manu, it was not long before the ‘cowbells’ rang, and Patrick came to speak to us through his medium, Alan. He explained that all the energy that would be used during this sitting was to be conserved for the one main purpose the team had in mind. The usual Spirit Lights arrived in profusion, and it was apparent that at this session, they were much brighter than they had previously been. Their appearance was followed by the advent of a number of larger luminous patches, which both grew and receded in size and intensity from time to time. For the first time ever, the whole surface of the central table was illuminated brightly – as the luminous patches passed over it. Then the smaller Spirit Lights began to emit ‘beams’ (similar to torchlight) as they moved about the room.

    Bright ‘Pillars’ and ‘Sheets’of Spirit Light

On a couple of occasions, there were bright pillars of spirit light beside and above the ‘open cabinet’ in which Alan was seated for this special ‘Patrick Night’. I should explain here that this was the ONLY occasion during the whole of the Scole Experiment when anything resembling a ‘cabinet’ was asked for specifically by the Spirit Team – or indeed used. These ‘Pillars’ of Spirit Light were each about 4 to 5 feet long, and some 6 to 8 inches wide. The brighter illumination of these lasted for just a few seconds each time. We also saw (for the very first time) ‘sheets’ of spirit light that each appeared to be about 2 to 3 feet square. These gave brilliant illumination within the area they covered for a short period.

    ‘Projected’ Three Dimensional Hologram of Patrick

The whole evening was moving towards a final climax and – in preparation for this – Patrick asked us to look towards the ‘cabinet’, as he wishes to ‘show us something’. This, he said, may be at the back of the cabinet. Suddenly, a small Spirit Light shone its beam onto a visible image of Patrick himself!! We were all able to see his head, shoulders and part of his body as far down as his waist. The effect was a little like watching a three dimensional Hologram of Patrick, and it was repeated briefly four or five times, so that we all had a good opportunity to observe the ‘projected’ image within the illuminating Spirit Light. The phenomena was ‘dubbed’ by us: a ‘Visible Projected Image’ or VPI.

    Energy-Based phenomena were to be found within ‘Quantum Physics’

Following this, Patrick went on to explain how the complicated mechanics involved in the demonstration of this new type of Energy-Based phenomena were to be found within ‘Quantum Physics’, and in the way that the Spirit Team were able to manipulate atoms and molecules. After the session (during which constant noises of movement had been heard, and spirit lights seen in the area of the spare chair where we had jokingly placed our ‘offerings’ for Patrick) we discovered that the ashtray had silently been turned upside down, with the can of Guinness placed on top of it. The cigar had also been moved and was now carefully balanced on top of the can of Guinness. There were a number of other occasions throughout the five years of the ‘Scole Experiment’ when we were again able to witness further VPI’s, that were clearly visible, and similarly appeared to show three dimensional ‘hologram’-style images of our Spirit Friends.

    Actual Spirit Faces shown as a number of self-illuminated VPI’s

We experienced another of these VPI’s during a sitting on Monday March 14th 1994. This time, the three-dimensional image was of the indistinct head of a Spirit Person, situated at normal ‘head’ height, but without a ‘body’ below it. Spirit ‘drapes’ hung down at each side of the head. On March 28th, the Spirit Team were also successful in showing us a number of self-illuminated VPI’s. These included two or three actual Spirit Faces in mid-air which we could all clearly see. One in particular was life-sized, and belonged to a man whose head was bowing down. A second head that was projected in this way was seen in miniature, and appeared on the table during the session.

2nd Energy-based Physical Phenomena:SVO’s, or ‘Sustained (Stationary) Visible Objects’New & Exclusive Energy-based Physical Phenomena to the ‘Scole Experiment’ 

Next came the phenomena we dubbed: SVO’s, or ‘Sustained (Stationary) Visible Objects’. These were self-illuminated (with Spirit Lighting) objects that were brought to the group by the Spirit Team for us to see and experience. They could be in any form, but were usually objects that could not be found in our physical world, whilst they were plentiful in the Spirit World itself. In that sense, they were literally ‘Out of This World’. Because we had never seen anything quite like them in our world before, we mostly did not understand exactly what they were.  However, these unusual objects were generally stationary whilst they built up on our central table right in front of our eyes – for us to view – and they frequently remained with us for several minutes at a time. We had dozens of these different SVO’s shown to us over the 5 years of the Scole Experiment, and they varied dramatically in size, shape and colour.

    Nothing like these was known to us on Earth

The first occasion when we were shown an SVO in the Group was on March 14th 1994. It could only be described as being similar to a piece of material that was about the size of a man’s handkerchief. This was a clear and illuminated image that appeared to ‘ripple’ as it sat – suspended and spread out – in the air just above the table. A second (and similar) SVO was visible during a sitting two weeks later. This looked rather like a ‘crumpled’ handkerchief, but other similar images that were less clear and less distinct in shape could also be seen within a short time. One very notable example was when a series of curious-looking SVO’s (each about a foot high) that resembled upturned cones ‘grew’ in front of our eyes on the central table. We were told by the Spirit Team that – although nothing like these was known to us on earth – they were quite common in the fields of the Spirit World!

    Self-luminous red Spirit Light with illumination inside seemed to pulsating

On May 1st 1995, for example, we saw a number of SVO’s during the session. The first (on my side of the table) seemed to be attached to the side of the glass dome. It was self-luminous in that it contained a red spirit light, and the illumination inside the object seemed to be pulsating, like something out of science-fiction. On closer examination, it seemed to be composed of an unearthly crumpled (or even folded) diaphanous delicate-looking material. It was growing all the time as it constantly changed shape. Another example the same night can only be described as about the size and shape of a sea urchin, with a few separate segments (like the segments of an orange) removed. Several other SVO’s occurred at that sitting as well, being brought by Spirit for us to wonder at – one at a time!! One – looking similar to a potato – was attached to the top of the ‘Tupperware’ tub that sat on our central table; another – looking rather like a ‘cave’ – to the plastic platform on which the dome sat. A particularly spectacular SVO, which built up inside the glass dome itself, was delicately shaped and coloured like some beautiful exotic flower that was certainly unknown to us on this Earth.

    Large silver torch ‘Reflector’ with web-like marks

A particularly odd SVO was seen on December 2nd 1996. When it built up on the central table, it appeared to be similar to a large silver torch ‘reflector’ with web-like marks. We had no idea whatsoever as to what its purpose in the Spirit World might be!! On the same day, an SVO was built up that looked very much like a miniature version of the ‘Starship Enterprise’ from the ‘Startrek’ TV series.

    Needle-shaped Iceberg grew to be like a Pyramid

There were so many variations of SVO’s over the years, but perhaps the most notable of all occurred when there were just the four of us members of the Scole Group together on December 10th 1996. At this sitting, an SVO built up on the central table, whilst being illuminated frequently by bright flashes of Spirit Light within the structure so that we could see it clearly. As it built on the table, it appeared initially to be approximately two feet in height, looking a little like a needle-shaped iceberg. The shape, however, changed a little as it grew – so that it eventually ended up at a height of about three feet, looking more like a pyramid.

3rd Energy-based Physical Phenomena:MVO’s, standing for Mobile Visible Objects.New & Exclusive Energy-based Physical Phenomena to the ‘Scole Experiment’ 

The third category covered in this article is that of the MVO’s (Moving Visible Objects) that we witnessed. The first time that these were brought to our attention were at a session on June 10th 1995. There were a few attempts by the Spirit Team to display MVO’s. Also self-luminous, these different-sized objects (which vaguely resembled anything from melons to geometric shapes initially) moved rapidly between the walls of the cellar for some time. As the weeks went by, however, the MVO’s we experienced became apparently more solid and clear, so that their shapes and movements could easily be studied. The most memorable MVO’s we experienced were those that were connected in some way to the ‘Other Dimensions’ with which we were in contact during the latter part of the ‘Scole Experiment’.

    Miniature UFO

Just as we had seen a static version (SVO) in miniature of something similar to the ‘Starship Enterprise’, so our MVO’s began to develop in the form of miniature UFO’s, which ‘flew’ around the room during a number of sittings – for us to examine fairly closely. On December 10th 1996 – with just the four members of the Scole Experimental Group present – an MVO appeared that can only be described as a miniature UFO. This structure stayed with us for about 45 minutes, gracefully ‘flying’ about to all parts of the room; occasionally covering large distances in just a split second! At first sight, the object appeared to be flat; either diamond shaped or rectangular. Round its perimeter, it had six or seven tiny but bright light sources which appeared to be constantly twinkling, together with a number of ‘portholes’ in its exterior.

    Confirmed UFO as ‘thought form’ influenced by beings in ‘Other Dimensions’

Whether it ‘grew’ or whether we had just not noticed initially, the object became box-shaped with a topside and an underside that were the same size and shape. I estimated its overall size to be about eight inches long by some six inches wide, with a thickness of about two inches. As it developed further and moved gradually around the group for us to observe it closely, the MVO (or UFO?) emitted sounds from within that were similar to ‘scraping sounds’ achieved by those produced by scraping on a wooden matchbox. These noises later changed to what sounded similar to a quiet version of a football supporter’s rattle. Each of the ‘lights’ on the ‘vehicle’ were proved capable of shining individual bright beams from the small light sources; often, these shone simultaneously in different directions onto different objects. When Sandra finally commented that it ‘looked like a UFO’, Emily Bradshaw confirmed that that is exactly what it was – a UFO!!!! However, she tempered this comment with the explanation that it was actually an energy ‘thought form’, that was heavily influenced by our friends in ‘Other Dimensions’.

    The UFO-craft did ‘pose’ in front of each sitter

A further UFO-style MVO manifested for us all during a public Seminar and sitting on February 16th 1997. This could be clearly seen by everybody present. This time, the ‘craft’ seemed to be triangular in shape, although it did seem to emit a similar ‘rattling’ sound to the one we had seen two months earlier. We noticed three small lights on it in a triangular formation, and its lower part had what looked rather like the size and shape of a dove’s tail hanging down. Not only that, but the ‘tail’ part looked somewhat more nebulous and less solid than the rest of the ‘craft’. Additionally, this projection that was hanging down seemed to be rotating underneath the object. The MVO spent some time slowly moving round the room for everybody to see it as clearly as possible; in fact it ‘posed’ in front of each sitter in turn.

After this Seminar, we had many more opportunities to observe similar ‘MVO’s’. The effect of these – on all who saw them – was dramatic!!!!

4th Energy-based Physical Phenomena:VSB’s, standing for Visible Spirit Beings.New & Exclusive Energy-based Physical Phenomena to the ‘Scole Experiment’ 

If the other categories I have described in this article were amazing for us, and for all those other members of the public who witnessed them, then this final section – on VSB’s (Visible Spirit Beings) beats all the others added together!! This particular phenomena that involved VSB’s should not be confused with any other reports of the many solid Spirit Personalities who were frequently and regularly present during the whole period of the Scole Experiment’, and which I will deal with in a separate article later. What I have to describe here is really – and actually – the physical presence of Spirit ‘Angels’ during our experimental sessions. These experiences, which happened regularly once they began, were quite wonderful. The feeling of love from the beings whilst this particular happening was physical, and surrounded us all.

    From nothing, self-luminous Spirits built up with Spirit Luminosity

The VSB beings were first witnessed by us on January 8th 1996. From nothing, the figures built up on the central table. They were self-luminous with Spirit Luminosity. The first began at about six inches high, but ‘grew’ in front of our eyes to a height of about 30 to 36 inches tall. They could be best described as a ‘figurine’ clothed in diaphanous material that hung down from the hooded facial area in the form of a ‘robe’, which caused them to have the look of ‘Madonna-like’ figures, complete with head drapes and veil. Once built up to their ultimate height, they ‘floated’ round the circle in front of us at the level of our own faces, and could be clearly seen by all of us. As they moved around the group, their robes gently trailed over our hands, which endowed us with an amazing and tangible feeling of love and wellbeing. After this first experience, the phenomena became a regular part of our sessions, and was witnessed by dozens of visitors to Scole, including the three SPR scientists who investigated the Scole Experiment in depth over two years.

    Angel-like Spirits trailing their gossamer-like robes over the hands of Sitters

The first visit of the Angel-like VSB’s was followed a few days later (on January 13th) by a repeat of the phenomena in the presence of Professor Arthur Ellison; Professor David Fontana and agronomist Monty Keen, who were very impressed with what they witnessed at that session. Varying in height from 6 inches to 24 inches tall, the VSB figures gracefully perambulated the whole room, trailing their gossamer-like robes over the hands of Sandra, me and the Scientists. Emily Bradshaw later told us that these ‘angel-like’ beings could increase their size (at will) to twenty feet or more. When this happened, however, the larger they became – they would also become less dense and, consequently, less visible.

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