Article № 10.
Part I.

Totally Solid  & 
Partially Solid 
Spirits Amongst Us

by Robin Foy


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This new article deals with the many Solid and Partially Solid Spirit Visitors and Visitors from ‘Other Dimensions’ we experienced during the ‘Scole Experiment’.

Please notice that I do not class our Spirit Visitors at Scole as ‘Materialisations’ because that term generally describes Spirit Visitors during a séance who ‘appear’ or ‘materialise’ in the traditional Ectoplasm-Based way.

Our own solid spirit visitors arrived in a totally different way – by means of Teleportation.

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1.)   Ectoplasmic Materialisations

To begin with, it is important that I address the difference between ‘Materialised’ Spirit Personalities who appear at séances, and Spirit Personalities (together with Beings from Other Dimensions) who are ‘Teleported’ into the sittings – directly from the Spirit World, or those ‘Other Dimensions’ – as was the case during the ‘Scole Experiment’ in the 1990’s. In a traditional Ectoplasm-Based Séance, when a Spirit Being ‘Materialises’, the method used by the Spirit Team involves a single medium (sitting in a ‘Cabinet’) who is in deep trance throughout the séance. His (or Her) Spirit Team create a mass of Ectoplasm within the medium’s body, which is then released through one or more of the medium’s natural orifices for his (or her) guides to work with and use. At all times, the resulting pool of ectoplasm is connected to the medium by means of an ectoplasmic ‘psychic rod’, resembling a sort of ‘umbilical cord’. The cord can be soft and pliable, or as hard and rigid as an iron rod, according to the needs of the Spirit Team for a specific experiment.

The ‘Materialised Being’ is actually a facsimile of the Spirit Person who wishes to show themselves in a solid form to those who are present. This ‘Materialisation’ builds up within the closed ‘Cabinet’ (where the medium sits) before – eventually – walking out into the room when the materialisation  process is complete. What really happens is that the genuine ‘Spiritual Essence’ or ‘Etheric Body’ of the spirit person (which is in fact the real spirit personality as they are in the Spirit World; usually invisible to us in its normal state unless we are clairvoyant) is fully coated and covered by an ectoplasmic layer which takes on the form of the ‘Spiritual Essence’, so that to us, they then seem to be quite solid, warm and normal to the touch. The Spirit Person involved can choose to show themselves at any age or in any form for recognition purposes.

When seen by sitters (or an audience) as they appear in the room, they are fully animated (but often with ectoplasmic drapings around them), and are frequently able to speak independently to those sitters they approach, touch and interact with. Mostly – following their visit – these traditional ‘materialisations’ will return into the ‘cabinet’ before de-materialising although – in some cases – they will simply disappear gradually downwards into the floor in front of the sitters. This traditional process (which has taken place since 1848 within Modern Spiritualism) is unfortunately very dangerous for the entranced medium, when ectoplasm is present. If one of the sitters does something stupid, like suddenly and unexpectedly turning on a white light during the séance (or when outsiders suddenly burst into the room), the ectoplasm that is present in the room can immediately shoot back at speed into the medium, and cause them a serious injury.

     2.)   Teleported Spirit Beings

This is a totally different process, in which Spirit Personalities are able to enter and leave a séance room at will by teleportation. For those of you who have watched the Science Fiction TV series ‘Startrek’, it is indeed very similar to the way that the crew entered and left the ‘Starship Enterprise’, when the immortal words ‘Beam me up Scotty’ were uttered.

At this point, I would like to pay a personal tribute to those pioneering physical mediums of the past, (and those of today) who are so dedicated as to work in the same Ectoplasm-Based way. They are aware of the physical dangers that working with ectoplasm brings, and are extremely courageous to risk sacrificing themselves for the sake of truth, and for their unstinting service to the Spirit World. Some, such as the famous materialisation medium Helen Duncan, have actually died as a direct result of outside interference and intrusion into their séances whilst they are entranced.

Where this method is used by a Spirit Team, the results are achieved in an entirely different way. NO ECTOPLASM WHATSOEVER is used or needed. The solidity of the Spirit Beings who are present is achieved in an Energy-Based way by the Spirit Technicians and Operators. In most cases where the Energy-Based Technology of Spirit is being achieved and demonstrated, there is NO NEED WHATSOEVER FOR A CABINET. There is no need for a single Physical Medium to be in a deep trance state throughout. In fact, the Phenomena can often be produced (after development) without the need for a specifically designated Physical Medium (as was the case in a circle Sandra and I attended for several months at Streatham, London). The energies within a good and dedicated Circle or Experimental Group are frequently sufficient for the group’s Spirit Team to enable spirit visitors to be present during a séance in a SOLID or PARTIALLY SOLID FORM.

Where ‘teleportation’ is used in a group working in an Energy-Based way, the ‘Spiritual Essence’ or ‘Etheric Body’ of those spirit personalities who are physical visitors to a Circle or Experimental Group is ‘teleported’ into the séance room via a ‘Portal’ that has been constructed by the Spirit Team especially for the purpose. As I have explained in previous articles – where a group is working in an energy-based way, the Spirit Team of that group has built up a reservoir of ‘Creative Energy’ by blending together three different types of energy (spiritual energy brought by the Spirit Team for that purpose, together with the spiritual energy harvested from the sitters in the group, and energies that occur naturally – in the form of columns) of energy in certain geographical places within the world). By drawing on the ‘Creative Energy’ thus formed by the Spirit Team, the Spirit Visitors who have been teleported are mentally able to increase the ‘density’ of their ‘Spiritual Essence’ or ‘Etheric Body’ until they – as a ‘real’ Spirit Person – become partially or totally solid; quite normal and warm to the touch.

Interestingly, the ‘Solid’ or ‘Partially Solid’ spirit personalities who use this energy-based method are TOTALLY INDEPENDENT of the sitters or the group mediums, so they are more ‘themselves’ than the Spirit Personalities who visit a group as ‘materialisations’ in an Ectoplasm-Based Circle. They are no way reliant on an entranced Physical Medium to make their presence felt during a séance, and there is NO PHYSICAL DANGER to either medium or sitters involved when the ‘Energy-Based’ method is used. However, to achieve this method of presenting themselves to sitters during a séance, the Spirit Visitors (volunteers actually) involved need an awful lot of practice to present themselves successfully in this way. That is why so much dedication and commitment is needed by an Experimental Group to achieve the necessary development.

   Proof of Spiritual Essence’s

For a moment, I would like to deviate from the theme of this article to explain more fully about ‘Spiritual Essence’. As human beings, we ALL have it. It can be described as our ‘Soul’, or our ‘Etheric Body’. What we do not all realise is that every single thing that exists in our physical world also has a ‘Spiritual Essence’. This ‘Essence’ is what remains when the atoms and molecules that make up a ‘Solid’ object are withdrawn from that object (which is what happens when we all leave our physical body behind and move into the Spirit World at the time of our ‘death’. The principle is to be found deeply buried within the subject of Quantum Physics. It was a simple demonstration by our Spirit Team of this principle that was the single most important experiment at Scole which convinced the three SPR scientists who sat with us regularly (beyond any doubt) that the phenomena that occurred during the Scole Experiment was totally genuine.

On Saturday November 9th 1996, we were sitting at Scole with the three SPR scientists/investigators as guests, when our Spirit Team announced they were about to demonstrate something ‘Special’ for us. A large quartz crystal point was levitated, and placed in a white, opaque Pyrex dish on the central table. The crystal in the Pyrex bowl was self-illuminated by a spirit light within it, so that we could all see the crystal clearly. One of the scientists was asked by the Spirit Team to pick up the crystal, which he did. He was able to confirm that the crystal was normal, and 100% solid. Each of the other two scientists repeated this action and they too confirmed that the crystal was exactly what it appeared to be – solid and reasonably heavy.

Moments later, when the crystal had been replaced in the Pyrex bowl, the scientists – one by one – were asked to pick up the crystal again. For the whole of this experiment, the crystal remained illuminated by a spirit light within, and nobody lost sight of it at any time. Professor Arthur Ellison (being a true investigator) sat during the whole of this experimental demonstration with his chin virtually on the edge of the Pyrex Bowl, to ensure that none of the Scole Group members had any access to the crystal whilst the experiment was taking place.

As far as all the observers were concerned, nothing at all had changed with the crystal. It was continuously in plain sight of everyone. However, when each of the scientists tried to pick up the crystal as instructed by the Spirit Team the second time, their fingers went straight through it!!! Whilst we could still plainly see the crystal, there was nothing there!!! We continued to watch the crystal, which appeared to remain the same and, moments later, each of the scientists was once again asked to pick up the crystal. This time. the crystal was once again quite solid – and clearly back to normal.

The Spirit Team explained that in order to undertake this demonstration, they had been able to remove the atoms and molecules of the crystal temporarily (this is how they were able to bring apports into a group) so that what remained was the ‘Spiritual Essence’ of the crystal, which was exactly the same principle that occurred naturally with us all at the time of our ‘death’. We are – all of us – the fully animated ‘Spiritual Essence’ of ourselves that go to live in the Spirit World after each of our earthly incarnations.

     Presence of Solid and Partially Solid Spirit Visitors

From very early on during the Scole Experiment, we were aware of the presence of Solid and Partially Solid Spirit Visitors in the room with us during experimental sessions. It was as far back as the sitting on Monday December 27th 1993 that we were first told by our Spirit Team member ‘Raji’ that at this séance, the team had completed the building of a ‘Spiritual Doorway’ or ‘Portal’ on our central table – and that it would be through this ‘Doorway’ that Spirit Personalities would pass, so that they could manifest partially and fully in our midst. At the very next sitting – on January 3rd 1994 – we clearly heard an animated spirit person walk across the floor; pull up a spare chair behind ours, and sit on it! We were later told that this person was ‘Edward’, the newest member of our Spirit Team.

The occasional touch by solid Spirit Hands became a regular thing, and in March 1994, two of our lady sitters felt the definite lowering of two fully animated hands onto their shoulders simultaneously, proving that there were at least two (at least partially) solid Spirit Visitors with us in the room at that time.

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