Hi, my name is Leo Bonomo, I am a medium.

I had some sad news of a cousin of mine Mr Laurent Bonomo and his friend Gabriel Ferez that had been murdered (Original post at the time) 8 days ago. The murders are so horrific they have been dubbed “the Tarrantino murders.”

I feel it is important to note whatever justice is meted out here in this world or perhaps injustice as some may see it, that those responsible for these kinds of acts will have to make amends ultimately.

Once they themselves pass over, they will have to face the harsh reality of the acts they have carried out. They will feel every emotion not only theirs but their victims and there victims families too. They will also have to bear ultimate responsibility for the lives cut short, in this instance two brilliant students that undoubtedly would have gone on to make great discoveries and help humankind. It is not easy to comprehend the statement “personal responsibility” and it’s full effects unless you are to perceive the spiritual law that governs it.

Mans laws are just that, MANS LAWS, Spirit laws are immutable  there is no “plea bargaining” there is no “getting away with it” for the simple reason, we all judge ourselves and we all know right from wrong whatever we may say. That being so there is no escape from ourselves and the consequences we bring upon ourselves. There seems to be little but encouragement to violence whether it is in film, arcade games or gang mentality. We seem to enjoy others misery and actively encourage it in TV programs of all kinds but especially in “reality TV” what has happened to us to enjoy that kind of thing?

The kind of people who perpetrate these acts will find themselves with all others who are of the same mind because another immutable spirit law says “like attracts like” understanding this on a simpler level, if you are a person who likes to wind people up can you imagine living in a whole world of people who love to wind you up?

There is no time in spirit, yes we do live forever, imagine that? Being wound up by others, forever! Or, existing with those who are murders, rapists and worse, who love nothing more than to do that to you? There is no hell except what we make for ourselves. We should all accept personal responsibility simply because we have it.

I was interested today to hear David Cameron push his plans forward for stronger dealing with all crime and in particular knife crime. Most particularly Mr Cameron stated clearly that everyone should have “personal responsibility” as you know this is one of the founding statements of spiritualism and I am glad that someone of his standing is expounding these views though he may not link them with spiritualism of course. Mr Cameron talks a lot of sense. I have no doubt he will win the next election. I just hope he carries out what he says he will because there is responsibility there too. I would not like to be a politician.

I strongly feel that the time is now to lift the suppression of the knowledge of life after death. I implore him to look into it for he can then make changes that really affect this world. This whole subject needs to be taken at a different angle. If the real truth was known it would not stop all acts because there is something to learn in all things however, I truly feel that those who do it “because they can” and because “they can get away with it” or because a certain way of life seems easier, will have something to reflect on. I believe that this knowledge can change the world.

It will change some, not all and perhaps save lives too and if it save’s one life then that is surely worth it? At the moment crime is seen as a “badge of honour” “respect” is something to be feared, this is the cause of a society and world in sickness. It appears the more sickening the better to those that do it. We have to change that mentality. Knowledge of certain repayment for those crimes should be made plain to those that are inclined to commit them. We have to let the certain knowledge of a life after this be given out. Then, how much better could this world be?

Life after death has been provable in this country for over 135 hundred years and is provable too through the science of sub atomic physics. I feel that only a certain amount can be achieved by the changes of laws, which I wholeheartedly uphold. I believe however that the best deterrent is knowing that whatever you do here in this world, for good or bad there is remuneration for it.