Rethinking the Bucket List: The Most Valuable Lesson to Be Learned in Life. Watch this profound and honest talk to be reminded of what really matters.

In this moving 10-minute TED Talk, Kathleen Taylor, a licensed mental health counsellor, shares some of the greatest insights she has learned from working with terminally ill patients.

This talk really encapsulates what’s most important in life and presents a very strong message: Don’t wait until the end of your life to find out who you really are.

Watch this profound and honest talk to be reminded of what really matters

“As I slowly lost my speech, I gained my voice. As I diminished, I grew. As I lost so much, I finally started to find myself.” – Neil Selinger”

I have found this to be an insight and having faced passing – The change; myself on a few occasions clearly understand what Kathleen Taylor is saying. Much of what we hold on to in life is false, many strive to “be themselves” without finding out “who they are before trying to be that person.

So many things that we (in life) cling to, run our daily lives by, worry about and so on are not only worthless distractions that selfishly take our time but are placed in context when we have passed and see clearly from the spirit point of view.

I believe that we should follow our true paths that we should follow our will, and intuition as to what our soul knows instinctively what we have came here for, what we have come to learn, what we have come to experience.

In truly knowing ourselves and what we need and need to do only then can we be truly happy. Live in light, live in love and you will be love and light. Let go of all that ails you and you have nowhere to go but be happy. In that happiness that you find you will make others happy.

There is an old saying “If you love someone enough, you will love them enough to let them go” If that someone ails you, causes problems, then you need to let go then you can both be happy. When you are not afraid of losing anything, then you have nothing to worry about losing.

Live each day as it were your last, contemplate and think. Meditate over those wonderful things that there are in the world. Not that you want them through ego, but that you appreciate them. If you “Own” something there is the loss of having it. But to just be able to use it, in love and appreciation you have no fear of loss. When you have no fear then you will truly live.

I am lucky enough to know my path, my work and my life and I am blessed to be living it in service to others.

Light to all, always, Leo.