Religion and Spirituality.

I was asked recently about religion and spirituality and for me the two do not go together at all and this may seem very strange to the uninitiated…

I am sometimes asked, because I say “bless you” a lot if I am religious and my response of “No but I consider myself (or hope to be) spiritual” is often met with some surprise! There is something of a similarity when people ask me if I “believe in the afterlife” and again I reply “No, I don’t believe in it”… and pause for effect and say “I know it” there is a great difference between knowing and believing.

A religious person adheres to the religious boundaries imposed by the religion which is all manmade; they sometimes want to be religious because it can excuse all kinds of actions.

A great example is of “doing what you will during the week” and paying penance on a Sunday to excuse it all… myself I follow the great creator; it is more of knowledge of what runs the universe and applying, or trying to apply, its laws in all actions…

A motto of mine is “Do no harm”, (Give thought to those who cross your path. Be gentle with them. Cause no ill. Cause no bad Karma. For as you go through life, as you prepare the path in this world and the next, bear in mind what you would want for yourself. For to be sure you shall have it. Live by the rule of Karma or Karma in life as an everyday principle.)

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Therefore help whenever you can, love everyone… which is what I try very hard to follow, this is the basis in fact of what religions should be, without all the crap that man has attached to it. Another good example of “Religious people” is the paedophilia problems attached to the Catholics…

It’s because man has realised that it (religion) can hold great power, and that corrupts. How can a “Church/religion” hold great sway over kings and great lands otherwise?

To me that (paedophilia problems attached to the Catholics as an example…) shows the difference between religion and being spiritual…

What Jesus taught is actually much closer to “spiritualism and mediumship” than what the Catholic Church teaches… Have a look at this

I am by nature I think a Cathar… My name certainly comes from it “Bonomo”

means “Goodman” and the Cathars were known as the “Good men” They were slaughtered in

a short period of time by the Catholic church because of their teachings and that fact that they

did not accept material wealth…hey worked for a living and it was an honest living with

whatever skills they may have had for example that of teaching reading and writing and just

as in the bible not needing any specific temples…

The Cathars only taught to get food etc and taught the spiritual things of spirit… it was becoming very successful and so the Pope stamped it out. In one small battle they laid siege to a town and slaughtered over 10,000 men women and children… when told that there were “Catholics mixed in” the person in charge replied “God knows his own” ,meaning that God will take the Catholics that were killed to heaven and separate them, the rest going to “hell”.

Yes unfortunately religion has nothing to do with it, it is man made not spirit made… It was all influenced by spirit originally and you can see that by the fact that all religions agree on the basics… we (man) just corrupted them.

The Crusades were based on the same thing… “You take Christianity or die” that’s basically it… and we wonder why so many wars are religious in nature… That’s why we had Northern Ireland….

There have been more people killed in the name of love and peace than anything. Just look at the religious based conflicts there still are in the world right now… That’s why religion and spirituality are two completely different things a person who is spiritual sees no colour, no race, no breed they just see a soul inhabiting a body. It does not matter what that body is, black white, yellow or for example an animal.

Animals are just different souls in a different body I think that’s why some religions talk about incarnating from them or reverting back to them.

In spirit nothing goes backwards. There is only progression and progression is open to every soul it is the souls wish as to what it needs to learn, where it is comfortable and how long it wants to stay in any particular position.

We have complete free will to do as we wish. A quote often misunderstood, came from Aleister Crowley (King of the witches) a very powerful man and he quoted “Do what thy wilt” and many because of his associations think of it as running amok.

Aleister Crowley was merely quoting “Follow your will” or on other words, follow your soul and what you are meant to do to complete your path on Earth, to learn the lessons you came to learn. It is a very powerful thing.

We shall never eradicate “evil” in this place or evil as we see it because there are lessons for us to learn from it and there are many examples and opportunities for souls to do great things for example give their lives to help others, and this being in all kinds of ways.

What Aleister Crowley is quoting is a simple spiritual law but it has been taken because of his connections, to be bestial in some way, it is not.

If we could truly understand what spiritual is then this world will change for the better. But we must remember that this is a place of testing, it was designed that way and it affords us opportunities of a greater degree, because of its limitations and lower vibration, and in a much shorter space of time (as we understand it here).

In reality there is no “time” as far a spirit is concerned there is only a point at which something is correct for the experience.

So, in effect we can choose to incarnate into any existence, for example a life in medieval times. Everything occupies the same space, and this space in truly infinite.

This does not mean we can incarnate as, for example a dog, this is not s retrospective thing only onwards and upwards… Animals incarnate in, and stay with a group soul; this is a slightly different kind of group soul to ours.

Animals species can only raise their vibration as a “whole” that is the group shifts in vibration, where as we as individual souls can shift as an individual. You can see signs of the compassion and love evident in individual animals of course but only when the last has reached that peak can the species itself grow into its new level.

To me, spiritual is what’s inside naturally. It is not something that can be learned as such, yes we can learn what is “right or wrong” in its respect but if the knowing isn’t there, if the instinct isn’t there then we act or react instinctively in a flawed way.

However, the soul that is instinctively spiritual there is a marked difference in action and reaction, to any given situation.

For me religion is one of those things whereby we “learn the rules” and the rules are that we act a certain way to gain a certain benefit that is we act for a promise (life in heaven) whatever that promise may be. In acting for that promise we can decide how we make recompense for that act, again this shows the actions during the week and paying penance on a Sunday.

A truly spiritual person will try to make sure that they do not do anything during the week to pay for afterwards.

The idea that a Man/woman can take lessons in spiritual thinking and then by a certificate or endorsement partake of the creators powers by diminishing any and every act they may have done through a blessing is to me totally absurd.

Especially if you think that, that person may have committed acts that are patently unspiritual (the Catholic problems with children for example) that render them spiritually devoid, how can that person be of a sufficient level to be able to forgive sins in the first place? Doesn’t that sound like a con?

For the Church, historically, to state that they, only, have the power and that their highly flawed learning and disdain of mediumship etc, is the way to go then their “loving God” in throwing all else to the wind because of a difference of spiritual views; this mostly means all other religions, and peoples – let’s face it there are more people of “other religions” in the world than Catholic, are to be in effect thrown to the wolves does not sound like a “loving God” to me at all and is the seat of religions fight and wars throughout history.

Any and all war, infighting and acts of malicious intent that are founded upon a religion that instigates it must be fundamentally wrong. Those who are of a true spiritual nature understand this and have compassion that others need to find their own way through this life and have chosen their particular life for the experiences it brings.

We can if we choose, make more clearly those things which divide us so outdated, that when others incarnate and choose perhaps a particular religion, that the understanding of that religion is from a complete, unselfish standpoint of spirituality as its foremost asset.

That should be the basis of all religions, without any corruption, that we act from a true spiritual aspect. So many organisations including spiritualism starts to create rules, and side issues that should never be there apart from a sole operation aspect I.E. what needs by law to maintain its operation rather than the enforcement of particular views which are made on the basis of particular member’s preferences and views rather than as a spiritual inclination.

I have seen the destruction this wreaks. It incites problems and creates cliché that place one person or group against another, again true spiritualism and spiritual people are always inclusive, not divisive. All who are connected to the divine know that to love and to give is the only way. All those high guides, all who truly understand, are working unselfishly and consider themselves to be givers to others the higher you go the humbler they are in giving service… the complete opposite in fact of much that we find.

When one seeks to absorb power it is always at the cost of someone or something else, power corrupts, real power gives and gives and the only true, real and substantive power is love.

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