It is very, very rare that I do this. I have asked permission from the person that I read for because I was inspired to say “this is what my readings are like” I hope it is an example of what I expect  from my students too. I have removed (I hope) mention of the persons name. In any even there is nothing to identify this person.


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It is an example of how I work and the rhythm is as you can follow,  “Information, Confirmation, Information, Confirmation, Information, Confirmation,” again we must have as high a standard as is possible and maintain those standards.

As everyone is aware I do not favour the “throw it out there method” and I do not advocate at all a medium asking questions this is an example of how I do private and demonstration readings.

Mediumship readings should be no questions only answers, If your Medium or psychic is not like this change them! No cold reading only, information is how it should be.

Light to all always, Leo.