PSYCHIC ESPIONAGE: Russia’s Psychic Espionage Service: Nina Kulagina – from PARANORMAL T.V.

A new youtube I came across confirms that Russia, as the U.S. and some other countries used gifted psychics for espionage. Russia has an extremely brilliant reputation when it comes to espionage.

We are informed in documentaries shown on cable television (narrated by actor Roger Moore) that Russia’s brilliant intelligence service penetrated every known intelligence agency known in the world.

Here is an example of how the KGB used telekinetic medium Nina Kulagina – and the medium who followed her work after Nina retired from her psychic work. One of the key things is that a gifted telekinetic medium is able to slow down the heart beat – even stop it altogether – first on animals then on humans.

One skeptic physician who did not accept her skills volunteered to see if she could stop his heart. Medical observers had to stop the experiment because they said the psychic would have killed – him stopping his heart beat. For those interested, here see for yourselves part one and part two.

Nina Kulagina
Part 1.