Prediction… Good enough evidence?

Let me make one thing clear, I don’t “tell fortunes” Let me make another thing perfectly clear. All things are known in spirit… As we know there is no time. Time as such is a man made thing, a tool, it is an instrument by which we measure, it is a marker by which we judge.

In that sense there is no need for it in spirit, it causes a limit, it has a limiting effect.

There are no such constrictions in spirit except by those which we by the limit of our mind accept or usually cannot be rid of because we have not progressed.

My guide explained to me and I in my exceptionally limited way try to express for you now, how this works from spirit side. If you imagine time is a spherical object and from spirit side we the same dimensions and planes, then from any one point on its surface we can settle.

Imagine this indicates a particular dimension that any of the millions of dots you could cover that sphere with would be that dimension. One of the many (for simplicity) of millions of planes, gradients, or we may describe them as worlds. Again for simplicity we shall limit this to “Human worlds” for there certainly are many.

Getting back to the sphere… If we imagine that within it there is our concept of time and this can be imagined to be linear in any multitude of planes so imagine that this sphere has a line through the middle of it. That this line can be rotated 360 degrees.

So we have a very visual way of seeing and taking a particular spot or point and from that point draw a line it would travel through the sphere and along that linear line would indicate any particular “time” for example one point on its surface would indicate Earth and the linear roman times.

From spirit, that is for those intending to incarnate or, to have access to information for whatever reason, that space can be visited either physically in two ways by incarnation or by higher beings in spirit for specific reasons.

Now that information can be accessed different ways through dreams, also known as second sight, through donations, can be sensed psychically or can as I have indicated evidentially by spirit.

When a question is asked of a communicator we have to understand some fundamentals. Whilst everything is known in spirit whether that particular communicator has been given access to it and wither they are allowed to divulge it are two completely different things.

Spirit are not allowed to take away your free will. For example, if you are made aware of a particular decision you have to make and an indication is that you will veer to one path or another it has to be your free uninterred with decision.

If information from spirit makes you change your mind and therefore your path you have been unduly influenced and that may change the whole course of your life.

Therefore, there are consequences to account for. The “wrong” information at the wrong time can change the course of a family for generations and so that burden must lie with the medium who has chosen to give it. The medium will have to make amends for this when they themselves pass over.

If anything the information given cannot be stated to be evidential unless there is supporting evidence. But how can a future event be supported by evidence?

It would appear to be a tricky proposition… However, as I state in my own readings if eighty to ninety percent of the readings is correct then the predictions tend to be correct too.

What also should be given (there is no point in just coming out with “this and that is going to happen,” there needs to be supporting evidence in the form of I can say confidently this is going to happen because… and then you support it with evidence of something that has happened to the recipients certain, undeniable knowledge.

Free will being such there is leeway of course. For example, if twenty mediums say that in a particular choice you are going to turn left, you can of course turn right.

Ultimately that is your choice you have the freedom to make it. In those cases, the path rebuilds itself to accommodate the choice you have made.

Many ask if we do truly have free will and the answer to that is definitely yes.

However, we must understand that there are two perspectives in that expression of freewill. The first is that in deciding to incarnate we have come to learn specific lessons. That is paramount and so those particular lessons are inescapable we make those choices in spirit for the good of our souls learning experiences.

What we may deem to be a good experience from spirit side, with the fuller knowledge of how it will benefit us, is often not appreciated when we are here.

An example of this is suffering which so many, through human eyes cannot ever understand why we may incarnate into an existence of complete poverty and starvation in Africa…

Looking from the human side what possible inclination is there to submit to that existence? However, we know from spirit that many higher souls choose hard lives, often placing themselves at the mercy of others to give others (karmic repayment?) the chance top do the right thing this is of course their free will choice, to help or harm, or hinder and that shows the progression of that particular soul.

So, we have made a free will choice in spirit to hake certain experiences we have deemed beneficial. The second chance to express free will, and I use the example of stepping stones here, is that those experiences we have asked for (the stepping stones) are set at particular parts/times of our lives.

When we make the “Earth” free will choices what we are doing is making that experience come towards us, that is forwards in time, closer, or pushing that experience away, placing it further into the future.

So there are some choices we have made for ourselves that we may not appreciate while we are here and the remainder are the free will choices that we make whilst we are here. That can sometimes lead to extra experiences for which we shall ultimately be grateful for or indeed a short cut because we have learned while here and that is exactly what we have come here for.

Those choices involve participation or action. It is no good being told (everybody’s favorite) you are going to win the lottery when you don’t buy a ticket. Manifestation requires action and participation.

I have several times in my life been reminded quite forcefully by spirit of the choices I had made before I came here. One example is that I had been going out with a girlfriend for around six months, I was very, very fond of her.

Whilst in a club she asked me if I were going to come round for Sunday lunch as I often had. Immediately I found myself lifted out of my body and I could hear myself breaking up with her, she had done absolutely nothing wrong.

I was breaking her heart and by the way, breaking my own too. I could not believe what “I” was doing! As the deed was done I was plunged back into my body… what could I do? I had heard “myself” causing this situation… what was happening?

Several years later with experience I realized that ego had started to make a decision to stay with that lovely girl…. I was overriding the decision I had made in spirit and was taking myself off the path that I have come here to follow.

So… spirit had my permission from before I had come here to “remind me” of what I was supposed to be doing. I was not as some might assume, reassigned against my will, I was reminded that I was beginning to take the wrong path.

That has happened more than a few times in life to me. I am eternally grateful for it because it is an experience in itself but so much more importantly it gives me the opportunity to explain one of the ways that we express free will even when it may seem to go against us.

It helps me to help others and that is ultimately what I and we are here for, to serve.

Psychics who work more with energy are also able to see and be aware of that energy around people. Those who desperately want a particular thing will manifest that object in their energy or aura. An inexperience psychic will sometimes make the mistake of picking up that object in the aura and say that “I can see this or that happening” mistakes can be made because the information comes from around the person… Its source therefore is different to that of coming from spirit.

In conclusion, everything is known in spirit but some things must be kept from us to avoid us spoiling our own choices on the paths we have taken, this is more so for mediums and psychics because we have to be blinkered and blinded ourselves to run headlong into the experiences we need to have.

Is prediction relevant in spiritual readings? Is it valid? I certainly think so. While it is fine giving evidence of “Martha and Joe” and descriptions of things going on around us and I do discount the endless giving of names and character readings of a person in spirit, what people really remember, what really astonishes them is the fact that Grandma has come through and said “You will move house within six months” when not only is there no intention of ever doing so but not the means either… and then the move happens.

Relevant? I think so… people are more likely to remember those things than than lists of names.

What more proof could be wanted or more memorable?


Light to all, always, Leo.