Mediumship Readings and guests     

The importance and power of live TV and Radio readings.

Attached is a part recording of the 3rd February 2015 show. The topic of the day was standards of mediumship and why I advocate live TV/radio readings.

The link is a reading I did live for “Samantha” which not only shows the powerful emotional links mediumship can achieve, but the benefit that can give in the moment.

The clip shows how much love can come through a link, that the word of spirit is so powerful and that

“What spirit wants to get so powerfully across is that “There is no Death. That we must love each other, that we make our own life and circumstances in the next world, through our actions here and that which we create is inescapable, good or bad. Create here, what you want for eternity. Show compassion and love for all of mankind and for all animal-kind, because that is all that matters”

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Tomorrow, Friday the 6th of February I am being interviewed by David Clarke, author 7:30PM (EST) or 12:30AM GMT

Light, always, Leo.