Petition to pardon Helen Duncan:

We all know of the huge miscarriage of justice that occurred when the authorities broke in on a séance with legendary medium Helen Duncan, Helen was to all effects murdered by the state.

Whilst the reason for it, in a state of war, was the fact that very accurate information of a very secret nature was  given out during séances – now doesn’t that strike you as  very evidential information? And that while this great proof  was so great that the fear of god was put into the authorities who then felt forced to act. Ironically Churchill himself was understanding of the fact of mediumship.

Anyway the point is that Helen has been defamed enough, and its not just the fact that she was taken from us but that she should get this pardon. Its so important for her family, but its also important for us as a spiritual community to rectify this great injustice and put the record straight.

Light to all, Leo x.