I write today to advertise the fact of this new movie which is about to come out and that there is a tie in with my book.

The two are not connected in anyway except for the fact that in my book channelled in 1987, where various predictions have been made, some have come to pass already and some still to materialise and others like this are “midway” shall we say?

One of the predictions in the book is that more films like this will be made and that they will become more popular. The most exciting thing for me in this is that the more gentle kinds of films will be more popular and this certainly seems to be one of them it also includes of course that superbly balanced film Ghost. Whilst the book and film are about a real young boy who had an NDE and of course recovered, my book is about a slightly older child also a boy, but who stays in “Heaven” and while the characters are fictitious – though I suspect some of them are not, and the story is the first one that Spirit have written specifically as a novel and this has been completely  and also tells what its like and the true state of things are.

Very soon we will be bombarded with advertising for a new near death experience movie which is coming out in the USA at Easter. It is based on the book “Heaven is For Real”- which sold 8 million copies. (See trailer). It’s a sweet story of a 4 year old boy who had a NDE while having his appendix removed and saw his dead grandfather.

But as Nancy Evans Bush writes:
” If the resulting book dealt only with that part of his story, all might have been well. But the child’s father is a conservative Protestant pastor, a biblical literalist. By the time the sincere but hardly impartial father stopped asking questions, and the boy stopped adding details in response to those questions, seven years had passed and the entire project was in the hands of Lynn Vincent, the ghost writer behind Sarah Palin’s memoir, “Going Rogue”. Further, the relative simplicity of the few original details had grown as the boy grew, into an elaborated account of Christian exclusivity and holy warfare that puts Revelation imagery into the hands of human warriors resembling Marvel comic book heroes.”
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This above is taken from Victor Zammits’ p[ease do visit his site it is excellent source of information and guidance.