In answer to Victor’s article on the Nepal earthquake:-

At times we receive emails asking why would ‘God allow this to happen …” The answer to that question is simply “I do not know” and no one on earth would know. We do not know how the universal laws operate to bring about these kinds of devastation – and other situations where innocent people are killed. Yet, those dealing with the afterlife tell us they get information that “nothing comes by chance.”

Victors Friday Afterlife report.

A channelled answer.

Hi Victor,

One reason is that people do choose that life and passing for all kinds of reasons and of course a particular type of passing has many lessons in it. Many years ago in wars for example we also had much propaganda and the enemy was vilified greatly, drawn as demonic etc, etc.

Now we have media everywhere we can see, for example, the Iraq War that those who suffered most were civilians, in fact people just like us. We could see the impact that war had, we could understand that they were “just caught up in it” and were not “demons” or evil they were “just people” the whole effect of this is of course that a huge compassion raises up and millions around the world empathise but also say prayers, asking for healing for those who suffers and for the situation and an enormous amount of light is brought into the situation.

We need to understand too that in those times it provides choices for great sacrifice, choices for choosing the right or indeed wrong thing, it is a great spiritual test. We need to take ourselves out of the “human element” and look at it from the spirit point of view. The human point of view will of course question but the spirit knows and understands the reasons for it.

You may well ask “who in their right mind would choose a life in for example Africa, starving, being raped, tortured and finally left for dead” but we are of course asking for that experience. Who knows, we may have spent lifetimes being that torturer and now want a life understanding what it is exactly that we inflicted on others. It is so much more than a karmic thing.

We have to understand what it is and experience it from all sides. I was given many years ago this analogy. Imagine 20 people and one is going to murder the other. You may play the person being murdered. You then take on the role of the murderer to understand what it can take to drive a person to that.

Next you spend a life as the mother of the murderer, the next the mother of the murdered, then a cousin, brother etc, etc, etc. You have to fully understand each role, how it is affected and affecting the others. This is the reason we have so many lives, so much to learn and the reason also we are never in a position to judge others.

Do not forget either that there are souls at all levels here too… Some just starting out and they have little understanding or experience yet.

We may say that this or that is wrong in this life… We have no way of knowing as in the example above, that we may have spent 20 lives being murdered and now want to experience the opposite. How can we truly judge when we do not know what has brought a person to this over many life times?

That is why we cannot and should not judge… But of course we do. We just do not know enough. But we are spirits having a human experience and the human in us defiles and defies and fails to see.

We should always send light and love to all that is what being truly spiritual means. We accept, we may understand that a thing is “wrong” and in accepting is that true unconditional love that is so rare  but is what in essence we and spirit talk about and need to spread.

We are light beings temporarily dimmed by this gross material in a gross world but we have come to learn, accept understand and comfort others. There are so many bright souls here so many that choose the hardest lives to be giving the choice to others to do the right thing, care for us or abuse us…. Free will choices at the time it is most important.

We all make mistakes but that is part of the test we face, it is only the understanding of that test that differentiates those who are from those who are not.

Light, always, Leo