Near death experience (

This is a video on NDE (Near Death Experience)… personally I feel that it is a wonderful experience to have. Whilst I have some experience myself of “close encounters” I cannot say I have had an NDE.

I have experienced myself astral projection many times and in fact when I was young approximately 8 years of age till about ten I could project at will. My term for it at that time was “Flying” because I could fly literally as David Bowie says in an early song about astral projection “Fly like Mr Superman, speak Chinese, French and Dutch” the song is entitled “Did you ever have a dream”. For the Lyrics.

As in other times I have mentioned that there are some well known characters Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, David Bowie, and many others who have had for want of a better term, “Mystical experiences.”

Back to myself…. Having the gift of projection at will I knew absolutely from that age – although many other experiences also taught me the same thing earlier that my body was not me. Think of it in relation to yourself…. “Your body is not you, you are not your body” the fact that I was and could be entirely independent of my body was not an astonishing fact to me it was plain, simply, uncomplicated and most of all true.

With or without my body I existed. This simple fact not only convinced me that death was not the end, but also that I had borrowed this suit of flesh for a time being and that was all.

This body we have is a vehicle, built for a purpose, that purpose was to experience this existence (Literally a dream) for as spirit say “A short space” and it will fall away revealing the true you when the time is appropriate, that of course being what I call “The change” and many call “Death”.  Passing is only of the body.

It is called passing or the change because we pass from one phase of existence (with this body and spiritual form) to another that of course being the change of vibration (Hence my preferring to call it the change) for another vibration all that is different is the grossness of a flesh form.

To understand this is very liberating, to experience this for yourselves is in some sense life changing. After the experience of leaving the flesh behind even in astral form, is so invigorating and an extreme form of liberation that it cannot ever be aptly described.

In liberating yourself from your body either by astral projection or the experience of NDE the fundamental fact remains that whatever may happen to the body, it is not you. There are many stories of those during the war who in being tortured and so ill treated that they found a way of compensating for it. Either involuntarily or voluntarily exiting their bodies to have relief from the pain they were experiencing.

Many found a wonder in this form of pain relief and the experiences it gave them. Again the fear of passing was extinguished because of it.

For those who may be interested there is the Munroe institute that specialises in OOBE or Out Of Body experiences (and other things) and there are techniques that Robert Munroe teaches to facilitate these.