Meet my Grandfather and Me… Oh yes and sister, in the London home, my grandfather passed over in 1933…   I was born in 1957… So do the maths… That tree just behind and left of me was about 25 – 30 feet tall when we left the house. Update 22/9/2015. A great friend (Margaret Hahn, Helen Duncan’s granddaughter) can see the woman very clearly. She described the blouse, skirt hair style and length and colour. She described her so accurately… I took out a picture and she identified the person from a number of others. The woman is my Grandmother. BUT, is there more?

Grandad and me

Some can see a Victorian dressed lady to my Grandfathers left…
Personally… I can’t, most of the time… But is there more?

Me about 17

Me at about 17…
Yes… I know… But it is here to show the same face structure and now…………. This is my Grandfathers tomb. It is clearly the same man.


As I am now.