I had my first experience as two-year-old when I saw my first spirit. I continued to see spirit and it was so natural that for many years as a child I thought everyone else could see the same.

I spent many years training at Spiritualist Association Great Britain in London and was the first student there to do private sittings. I became a counsellor there for a period; I took this post instead of presidency after I was asked by a majority of members to stand. I felt at the time it was not for me, that others could do the job better.

I also sat in and ran other circles and believe there is always something to learn, we are never too humble. We need an open mind but must look critically at all evidence.

Only then can we be sure. For me it is not a question belief. I know. That is a very different aspect. I have clients from many different parts of the world who are satisfied and return repeatedly. One or two are well known, some are wealthy entrepreneurs, many are professionals, some of the highest order, all are in need of guidance.

Now 56, I have many years experience within this subject and have been very lucky to experience many different phenomena like trance, automatic writing, astral projections, past lives and materialisations and was lucky enough to have sat on one occasion with Mr. Leslie Flint the Direct Voice Medium.

I work as a medium, clairvoyant, development teacher and healer, I have written poems and books through automatic writing which have been published.

I always want to help others especially in developing their spiritual paths, and to guide and to ease pain.

I read flowers, ink, sand, paper, photographs, jewellery and many different articles in fact there is not much I cannot read, but not Tarot in the traditional sense.

I run development circles in east London. I do not believe that we should try to convert those who are sceptics, or force views on anyone.

Their life paths are different and they have different lessons to learn. To have this knowledge would alter their paths and that is against spiritual law.

May the Divine Spirit, bless and keep you always in sight, guide you and Protect you.