Hi well Leo’s radio show is due to air at 2pm – 4pm GMT and you can find it and the team at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/leobonomo?utm_source=BTRemail&utm_medium=ListnerWelcome

You will need to register as a listener it costs nothing. To participate it will be better to have Skype or other similar software and dial in it will be free.

The dial code for the show and USA is 1 (858) 365-5569. If you call on a landline from anywhere but CA and NY there will be a charge.

From there you will, should you want, be able to download from the archive to listen as and when it is most convenient for you.

This first show is an introduction to the team, Sue Wayne and myself. We shall talk about the ways we work, I work very differently to most mediums, some of our experiences and of course you can, call in for a short reading. We shall try and get through as many as we can but of course we do encourage you – if your appetite is whetted, to call for a reading by contacting Sue on her site, www.theclairvoyantmedium.com Wayne on his site, http://www.theopencircle.co.uk/index.html and me on mine https://leo-bonomo.com/ and there are links to contact us there alternatively you can also call me on 0906 638 2442 England, 1580 500 444 Irish number Call 1800 905 121 or +44 1223 250044 to book through Customer Service Or book online
“You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! .

We shall have a list of guests some of them well known, and there will be different topics every week and every now and then we shall throw open the topic for what interests you, personally.

Not only do we want to open up the world of mediumship to you, how to develop, because we do teach too, but avail you of the different types of mediumship. Have you heard of physical mediumship? Where a loved one can not only come and talk to you…. but materialise in front of you, and you can feel their loving touches?

NO? Then you need to listen every week because this topic and so many others you may never have heard of will be discussed.

I am 56…. I have seen spirit since I was 2 – I have 54 years more or less experience with spirit. Sue has many years too – but I’m too much of a gentleman to mention, and Wayne also has many years experience. It is not just experience but relevant experience that is important.

Tune in, keep tuning in, and we know that whatever subject it is the team or the guests will have something fascinating and relevant for you to join in with.

Light, always, Leo, Sue and Wayne.