Mediumship development

“Leo is an Amazingly Evidential Spiritual Medium In Bedford, who has a unique history in mediumship as a professional and teacher of spiritual matters over a career that spans years. Leo is also accredited to the ASSMPI.”

Thank you Leo for a fantastic afternoon. (Workshop of 21st Aug 2016). We learnt a lot. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you Please keep us in formed of any future courses as we would love to attend. I didn’t realise you were selling your book. I would love one of them when we see you next. Thanks again. Love and best wishes. Xx

I have been teaching on and off for 25 years in London. I am a professional Inspirational Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic development teacher.  During my formative years I have been blessed with many varied experiences from materialisations of different kinds, astral projections, light and heavy trance, overshadowing, prophecy, and near death experiences and automatic writing.
The first at age of around nine, and feeling so sick one night and unable to cry out accepted at that point, that I was to die. That experience completely took away any concern for the point of change, or as many call it, Death.
All this has enhanced my understanding and the resultant way that I teach, which is quite different from other teachers. I believe that teaching should be inspired and inspiration taken directly from spirit who are most knowledgable.
A teacher should be able to connect and monitor every student so that every student receives individual guidance no matter what size the group. It is not a matter of “one size fits all” everyone is different and everyone has different needs and aspirations.
Every session is tailored to the individual and every sitting is different with different skills or mixes of skills being taught. If you are interested in development you can contact me here, or go to livingwithlightcommunity on Face Book.
During my development at the S.A.G.B. I have been privileged to have known or associated with some of the finest mediums in the world including, Ivy Northage, Coral Polge who drew some of my guides, Ursula Roberts and many others. I was also privileged to have met and sat with Direct Voice Medium, Leslie Flint, I also met briefly Robert Brown and was privileged to see him give a demonstration there whilst also attending his development class. I have learned so much from interacting with those whom have helped build the movement.
Light, always, Leo.
I am very proud also to be able to include this:
Woodford Spiritualist Church 9 Grove Crescent, South Woodford, London E18 2JR

23 November 2016

To whom it may concern,

Re: Leo Bonomo

I am writing this reference in my capacity as Officer (Secretary) of Woodford SN Church, a church which is a member of the Spiritualist National Union (SNU), and a registered charity with the Charity Commission.

Mr Bonomo has been an active member of our church for the last ten years.  He demonstrates on platform at our services, including our Sunday services.  He dresses and acts at all times in the manner expected of a platform medium.  He performs all those tasks expected of a platform medium.  He is able to open and close in prayer.  He gives interesting addresses which further the understanding of the congregation.  He gives evidence of survival with sufficient regard to the need to prove the communicator to the recipient and the need to give messages to a large proportion of the congregation.  His communication is very accurate, so much so that we had no hesitation in asking him to demonstrate with Tony Stockwell, the internationally acclaimed medium, when Tony appeared at the church.  He has also demonstrated on special evenings of mediumship and is a regular at giving private readings at our charity events.  He has toured internationally as a medium in his own right.

In addition, Mr Bonomo instigated and ran an extremely successful open circle, which is still running.  This circle brought many new people to the church and laid the foundation for many new members to begin their own spiritual journeys. Many progressed from his open circle to a closed circle, which he also foundered. There are mediums on the circuit today who received their early instruction in this circle and many of our fledglings at the church today are from his closed circle.  Mr Bonomo has also led interesting and informative workshops as part of the church’s education programme.

Mr Bonomo has also written a spiritually channelled book (perhaps the first channelled novel) and has written for Two Worlds Magazine, Psychic News and Psychic World.  He has his own regular Internet radio programme.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr Bonomo for any aspect of spiritual work.

John Rooney   

(Secretary, Woodford Church)