I am, as most would acknowledge, an optimistic person by nature however I feel that there are times when we should look at the negatives in a situation.

I say this because quite rightly many inspirational things come from Spirit but I feel to help further the cause against those who commit crimes in this particular plane, some of the negatives really do need to be highlighted.

There is very definitely an air in the world, coming quite sadly from those nations who have great influence, that you grab what you need, sod everyone else and its me, me, me, pushing everybody out of the way because “celebrity” at any cost is what matters, I cannot abide some shows that bring intentional divisive and abusive fractions together for public display, and that for example “I have a certain gift so YOU NEED TO RESPECT ME” rather than everyone having respect for each other. It is beyond me that there are very many who delight in seeing this bickering.

Respect is a strange word isn’t it? It’s value has changed considerably. It used to mean that someone earned it by deeds and actions, most usually good ones. It meant someone who deserved respect because they were good people for the righteous reasons of a good person. You can never demand respect for then it is given grudgingly and in fear, that is not respect. That is fear. Respect has to be earned. That simple fact escapes many. Respect can only be given, never taken.

It is taken by today’s standards to mean “I will break you face if you don’t” and people now demand it rather than give it. It comes I feel from a frustration of following the pack rather than your own instincts. People feel rightly or wrongly that if they seem to be “Street wise” and “at it” then that is where respect comes from. Hence we get trends of for example carrying knives, and killings and maimings of various sorts.

This brings me to the discussion proper. I feel very strongly that the negatives be well advertised and understood. If you commit crime you should be made aware that whatever the “plea bargain”, whatever your solicitor has done to get you off, whatever lies you have successfully told, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET AWAY WITH IT.

Once you return home, to Spirit, you will have to face all you have done good or bad. No more smirking at the camera, no more smiling at your victims family, no more “that’s that sorted” and on to the same way of living. YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY.

Of course we can apply that to the majority of the people in everyday lives not in the extreme sense given above but in “getting one over on your neighbour” style. They need to understand that it does not have to be that way. Don’t follow the others just to be “respected.”

Respect also comes from being strong, and that’s not in the physical sense, but from the point of view of “I know everyone else does it BUT, it is not for me” point of view. A person who relishes the idea of being different, of setting their own style, by some much store is set by it.

SO, it is so strange that once you have set your style for example the hoodie thing, once they all follow you are reduced to being once again one OF a million, not one in a million. On this particular point I want to draw attention to a particular dress style, the one of the trousers hanging down past the buttocks.

It is taken as sign of being a gang member, of being a prison prospect of someone you have to watch what you say with, of the possibility of violence etc.

Few who follow this style of “hard men” understand where it came from. It came from the prisons of the USA, and far from it being the tag of a hard man it is very much the tag of being submissive in the most demeaning way of all.

It comes from the submission of giving your body to those who dominate by sexual means. It shows to those who “really are in charge” that you are no threat whatsoever and in fact if you want access to me sexually, then I am showing you that my trousers are half way down already. It is the very lowest act of demeaning submission to another. You’re available, you are theirs. Infact you are anybodies who wants to subdue you. Not the sign of a hard man at all.

I feel that this shows how following the pack from this example to carrying knives to “everyday crimes” of fiddling taxes or whatever and abuses of others is to some great degree misunderstood by those who perpetuate it.

We need to break this circle to truly let people be free to be who they are. We can change the world in this aspect.

Of course we are not going to stop those who feel that, that way of acting is for them. They have their own paths and lessons to learn and we cannot judge them however for those who fall into the group of I am doing it because it’s “what we do” because “everyone else does it”, we can and should change minds. We need to give them the choice. They need to be aware of the true and very real state of things. Protected from themselves.

This does not stop of course as already mentioned, with the “ordinary people” it counts so greatly against those in power. One of my favourite programs is yes minister. Politicians have said it is so true to life it is frightening. You can see the logic it perpetuates in the news daily, seemingly incomprehensible decisions backed up by argument.

Those who make decisions that affect us all have such a great price to pay for selling us out. It is one thing to mug someone and the fallout from that, but to make a decision for example, change the law to distract funds from pensioners to prop up the state, that is very much another matter.

The ripples are countless. Farther reaching are those who wage war for whatever reasons. Those who believe in life after death will probably have no doubt that “Hitler will pay for his sins” why do we not understand that for example, going to war in Iran, is going to have the same repercussions for all those who voted for it?

We seem to imply that “others will get their comeuppance” but not us?

We all have personal responsibility; we seem to forget it when it is convenient. Those that do not know or understand this basic principal, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO MAKE LIFE CHANGING DECISIONS FOR OTHERS, OR MAKE DECISIONS THAT AFFECT OTHERS like DRINK DRIVING need to be informed. For others who work in companies that defraud its customers.

This is one way we can truly make a significant change for the better. Tell others that they will have to pay for their actions, there is no “get out clause” and you have eternity to pay for it.

Much light to you all and prayers for and to the world.