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I have  my own radio show. Its starting at 10pm TIL 12 MIDNIGHT GMT and 5pm to 7pm EST/and relevant USA time on www.paramaniaradio.com To listen to the archive go to HERE

To call in and free live readings go to Paramania Radio USA Number 9192950150. UK 447937418085 This may be expensive please try Skype! And… Google talk: paramaniaradio@gmail.com OR Skype: ParaManiaRadio

You can also find me on youTube.

There is also the old radio show on Blogradio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/leobonomo. The archive is readily available.

To download Skype free, go here: www.skype.com

 Light, always, Leo. XX

Leo Bonomo on TV, and Radio and his own show where he and the occasional guest, will do readings live. To listen to any archived radio shows (ParamaniaRadio) click the link 🙂

Leo has his own youtube channel too.

Leo what a wonderful show this morning (in Texas) afternoon where you are! I thoroughly enjoyed listening. Was not able to get through on the telephone but plan to keep trying. Loved your readings and loved the discussion of Benjamin Franklin. What insight he had. Blessings to you this day and thank you for providing me company over my morning coffee. xxoo V

You are doing fantastic job love how you relate things  your show is amazing.

Robert is known worldwide and is in my humble opinion, one of the words greatest mediums. Robert has demonstrated with Gordon Smith, Colin Fry, amongst many others and he is well known amongst our American friends having worked with James Van Praagh, John Edwards too as well a British Spiritualists to name a few.

Robert is to be interviewed to discuss his work and life inspiration. Robert is a truly international medium constantly travelling. To listen to the show go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/leobonomo you can register to tune in, it’s free and from there you can download and keep any show from the archive. We look forwards to your presence in this informative and lively show.

Late Post

January 27th, 2014

Leo Bonomo will be interviewing me on Tuesday 28th Jan at 2pm UK time.

I am in no doubt it will be interesting as Leo and I go back many years, and although we have not been in contact or seen in each other in a long while, I am sure he will have some memories to recall, of sitting in one of the development classes i gave 30 odd years ago at London’s SAGB!
Looking forward to it, you can listen in at:


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We shall have guest appearances every three weeks and you are encouraged to participate, ask questions of a spiritual nature, and of course we have live readings from myself, and the occasional Guest appearances. Many of our guest are internationally known.

List of past and future Guests:

Sarah Tyler-Walters Trance medium and guide Master Chou, Cindy Bentley Energy worker, Phyllis Walsh author, Sue Nicholson Star of Sensing Murder, Billy Cook one of our best loved British Mediums, Psychic Shelly, Christine Morgan international Medium,  Maureen McGill author, Nola Davis Author, Katie Keeley well known Psychic and TV presenter, Paul Salmon TV Presenter, John West Radio & TV presenter ghost hunter, Howard Jones scientist and Author, Michelle Buchanan New Zealand top numerologist, Anna Galliers international psychic, Victor Zammit lawyer for the afterlife and author, and many more too!

We are also very proud to have again been mentioned in Victor Zammit’s brilliant web site. this site is a must for those who not only want to remain current in what is happening in the world of a spiritual nature but is a mine of information on every aspect of spiritualism. within its weekly bulletins you will find aspects of spiritualism you may never  had known existed together with many links for you to explore.

Victor is a triumph fighting against sceptics with solid evidence and logical thought that only an ex attorney can bring.

Light all.

Leo Bonomo interviewed on Felixstowe TV by Paul Salmon.  on www.felixstowetv.co.uk 

And also on YouTube:  Leo on radio.

The Guardian shows a 20.5 per cent increase in Spiritualists.

Myself with John West at Radio Castle listen at www.radiocastle.com

Myself with John West at Radio Castle listen at www.radiocastle.com

Myself with Dominic, Alison his wife at Castle Radio.

Myself with Dominic, Alison his wife at Castle Radio.

Dominic, myself and John.

Dominic, myself and John.

Dominic and myself in a short break from the interview.

Dominic and myself in a short break from the interview.