Hi, all there is some media news for you all. Firstly there is the episode of the show on Paramaniaradio, click on the player link below, featuring the fantastic Pamela Nine here is her website: Pamela nine. We talked about developing intuition.

Next, we have some old video you may think is interesting. It was taken some time ago.  If you have not heard of Live Aura Video there is an interesting history behind it.

As I was informed a top IBM software engineer wrote the software for the CT scanner this is what is used in NHS and private hospitals of course. Apparently, if the scanning is lifted further away from the body, then an operator will see the aura and chakras. MOst operators are not aware this can happen. This gentleman realised a whole new potential and so “Live Aura Video” was born. The machinery itself is also known as Biofeedback Reading – A biosensor measures skin temperature and electro-dermal activity (electrical energy) as biofeedback data. Just touch your hand on the sensor!

More information can be had from here. For some strange reason, this equipment is only used in a medicinal way or for the production of Auric video of demonstrations of healing.

I had suggested way back then to use this with a medium. So, I did a reading without sound as the gentleman wanted it to all be private, and did a one-hour reading. The result was something quite remarkable… This video shows my aura fluctuating, as they all do, but here and there you can actually see the spirit communicator leaning in as they talk to me.

So, if you want to see the video use this link. This was recorded on the 5th March 2014.

Below are some interesting stills… In no particular order. Make of them what you will.