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Mathew Hutton’s review of Summerland,

Leo Bonomo brings you “Summerland” given to him by spirit and put into words by Leo. This book presents various teachings in a “Story form”, something that may prove very interesting… but what is the book actually about? Leo puts it better himself with:”SUMMERLAND is a most unusual book. It is written by spirit, those whom we may call Guardian Angels, and has been written specifically as a NOVEL. This is the very first time this has been done.

It has been written as a Novel for a special purpose. So that this simple story of life, the change (Death) and our eternal existence may be told. Its aim is to express the fact that there is more to us than some of us would like to acknowledge. But it is something that more and more of us are beginning to believe in and understand. Man has an inherent knowledge that something else exists, A God or Creator whichever name we give it”

The way the novel is presented for me, makes “Summerland” a highly interesting read. As the story goes on, we are introduced to important aspects of Leo’s life through the use of personal pictures, but he also gives us highly informed teachings that we may apply to our own lives:

One of the greatest gifts you can ever give is the release of the fear of death (The Change) with its release comes a wonderful feeling of the enjoyment of this life. Strange you may think?
Not at all, when that fear has gone and you know that a wonderful “after life” is there – I put that in quotation marks because the reality is that this existence is just for the blink of an eye in eternity, and what we go to IS the Reality therefore what we are experiencing, now, is just a “dream” to experience.

“Summerland” is one of the most interesting and extraordinarily thought-provoking reads it has been my pleasure to examine. The Novel way in which intricate concepts are presented makes them so much easier and entertaining to follow. This is a definite must-read and may leave you with a heightened sense and understanding of yourself you never thought possible before.

Mathew Hutton 4th BA Hons.

And a five star rating on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars A simple and inspiring book, 3 April 2014
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This review is from: Summerland Leo Bonomo (Paperback)
Leo kindly let me have a copy of this book for review and I’m delighted he did. It is a simple story containing truths about the afterlife, some of which have been given to us elsewhere but not in such an easily accessible way.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were courageous and enlightened enough to make this a story that was read to primary school children? It is one that can be accepted as just that – a story – no different to the fantasy tales that are always so popular with children. But read and explained by teachers in a sensitive way to allow children to make up their own minds, it would be far better than offering the dogma offered by religion and help little ones perhaps to have some wisps of the memory of their real home in Spirit.

I found it uplifting and inspiring – and also, in places, very familiar as I’m sure others will too. Alex is a sympathetic, ‘boy-next-door’-type character admitting to many of the fears and insecurities we all have and learning that love can overcome fear, something we can all get to grips with here on the Earth plane if we choose to do so.

Underlying the story, the atmosphere in which we live on Earth pervades the events described in the book showing us how difficult it is to focus on love rather than fear. A good, short, informative and enjoyable read.