“China’s official news agency said the images captured March 9 appear to show three fairly large floating objects. The largest one is estimated to be 79 feet long and 72 feet wide. CBS News “

This information is now said to be released “By mistake” and fuels suspicions that in fact such large objects said to be floating have now also been revoked by statements that “Such large objects would not float” again this fuels suspicions that these may not be objects from the plane.

The images fall in line with many images taken over many decades of UFO. It is very suspicious indeed that with these facts in place that the decision has been taken to now deny they are wreckage connected and in fact a mistake has been made. What is very, very clear is that all the objects are of a regular shape.

 You have to judge for yourselves but I suggest that you look up UFO sightings yourselves and ask how coincidental can these shapes be, how coincidental can it be that they are “snapped” in the same area and therefore that we are visited so many times by “UFO” and how coincidental that they fit exactly with images taken over very many decades not only admitted and shown by such as trained police officers, trained military personnel and those who were high up in the investigation of UFO’s who have turned renegade some after retirement, to state unequivocally that “UFO’s” exist. In fact retired astronauts state publicly too that “Aliens and alien craft exist.”

It is clear for all to see that there are three sizeable objects in the same area. Why deny and why say they are a mistake? Just what is it that has been picked up? There are three distinct objects of three distinct shapes and one the first I have shown, is very distinctly round at one end (possibly the front) and certainly saucer like. Part of it is covered by cloud so it seems unlikely that this is “Floating in the sea” in addition to this there is no indication of height, are these in fact floating in the sea?

 The world is waiting for an explanation…. A mistake has been made and that mistake is the admission of these photographs and the lack of explanation of what they may be and that these clear pictures have now been revoked as “Mistakes.”

 We know that many countries will not show evidence of UFO and agreements with the USA, UK and others we know also that place like Mexico, among others do not agree with those agreements and are fed up of being told what to do by USA and now release many images even those which are taken by the military and intelligence services….

 So to simplify….. What are those images…..? And why has no explanation other than “released by mistake” has been offered? Or are we going to get the same old rubbish that it is “Military exercises, secret air force projects” etc. Aren’t we fed up of being fed the same old bull?

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