Hi all. if you would like to be added to my mails list please send me an email titled “ADD TO MAILING LIST” send the email too:- psychic.nights@ntlworld.com
I will add you to this and then you can be aware of what I am doing and when. There will be special offers, for instance those booking readings will have the chance to win a solid silver 18 inch necklace that weighs an ounce, when they make a booking of an hour (this is to be arranged so no panic yet! lol).
You will be updated as to workshops, my youtube channel, and I will be doing masterclasses on the correct way to use focus objects and different techniques of mediumship.  You can also see myself demonstrating.I am also going to produce videos on various aspects of mediumship and of course there are blogs of channeled information which many are aware of now.
As those who have had readings with me can testify I say “I don’t want any information from you at all, you can if you wish just answer yes or no. If there is anything you don’t understand then ask as I can clarify. Then if you do have any questions you are free to ask on anything at all”.
As all those who I have read for know. In a good reading (because the communicator knows exactly why you have come) every question you have in mind is answered without the need for you to ask.
This is the standard I set and expect of myself. If you doubt this then please look at the customers comments on my page. As you know by law all comments have to be true and have to have the permission of the person who made them and they need to be verifiable too.
Light always, Leo Bonomo.
You can find me on www.paramaniaradio.com and of course you can also find me on my youtube channel too .