It is my pleasure here to have a recording of “Wagstaff” through the direct Voice mediumship of Mr Leslie Flint, who was once, and may still be, Britain’s most tested Medium.

If you have Googled Leslie Flint and found “Information” on Wikipedia you will have found that his life story and his great contributions have been “Wikipedia – ed” That is falsified, misconstrued and generally mucked about. What I don’t understand is that if something is wrong I.E there is no after life then prove it! If you have to mindfully, and wilfully alter the facts then it is obvious that in doing so you are admitting that’s it true because you have to lie about it!

Isn’t that self defeating? It is well known that James Randy “Offers” this million dollar “reward” that is so fixed it is unwinnable – see below, but what is not so well known is the million dollar reward that is genuine, for any sceptic scientist to prove that the afterlife does not exist.

Subscribe to Victor’s Youtube Channel on the AFTERLIFE: *Quantum Physics, the … Million Dollar Challenge …. This award is the second highest award that the U.S. Army can make during peace time. It was …. One million dollars is offered to any closed minded skeptic who can rebut the existing evidence for life after death.

Whilst life after death has been provable in England for over 130 years in repeatable experiments it does have much support from the science of Quantum physics and huge amounts of verifiable data, from all over the world. One interesting one is that during a physical séance, a spirit pressed their finger into a piece of wax and produced a finger print.

That finger print was matched to the hand of the person who had died and was a perfect reproduction; some years after the person had passed. In a court of law in any country you care to name, that standard of evidence would get you convicted, apparently though this is not good enough for sceptics.

Anyway enough of that. Here is the

link for the recording.     
This recording is just over 23 mins long. “Wagg” discusses his passing, his sister also in the afterlife, where he lives and vivisection amongst other things.

I would like to thank Corin Johnson and the Leslie Flint foundations for permission to play Leslie Flints tapes.

Taken from Victor Zamitts site

CHALLENGE TO THE SKEPTICS: DUPLICATE WHAT ‘MICHELLE WHITEDOVE’ DOES AND YOU GET A COOL $500,000! Got the motivation? Got the stomach for it? Got the ‘critical thinking’ ?
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Why is Randi’s offer unwinnable?

This is taken from the debunking site, please visit: – “There are many obvious problems with this argument of course, since one magician with an axe to grind and hosting a publicity stunt does not debunk all the paranormal experiences in the world.  They still happen everyday to people all over the world.  Randi’s critics claim is mostly a publicity stunt for his career due to the fact that 1) Randi is extremely selective in who he tests, preferring to only test famous names to boost his own career, and that 2) there are many applicants who received no response after applying.  Plus, based on numerous testimonials from challenge applicants and para-researchers, there is much circumstantial evidence that Randi is not that honest, for he has used plenty of deceptive and dishonest tactics in the past.  There are many reports and analyses of him that indicate this and damage his credibility.”

Lompoc Police Department – near Santa Barbara (U.S.), – the forensic psychic informed the police, after the case went cold, WHO killed the victim, HOW the victim was killed and WHERE to find the missing body. The police engaged the services of brilliant psychic Dixie Yeterian to solve a murder mystery of ‘Owen E’. Dixie has a record of assisting other police departments and the FBI. Detective Mel Ramos (Ret.) of Lompoc Police Department stated, “The psychic solved the mystery really … but for her psychic skills the murder would not have been solved because the police came to an absolute dead end.”

Taken From Victor Zamitt’s site:-

” It describes a world where the most widely accessed factual encyclopedia is actually a work of fantasy written by anonymous amateurs; where organizations that purport to support scientific inquiry in fact do the complete opposite; where a celebrated science prize is actually an impossible-to-win publicity stunt; and where an entertainment outlet with a mission for sharing ideas instead acts to censor them. And this is just the beginning.‘PSI Wars: TED, Wikipedia and the Battle for the Internet’.

By the way, I have just bought this book, Leo. Light to all, always.