This is another favorite recording of mine, a gentleman of the road as he describes himself – otherwise known as a Highway man. Light to all, always, Leo.

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Harry Tucker     

Harry Tucker passed away in the 17oo’s and this recording is via the famous direct voice medium Leslie flint. To learn more about Leslie go to his site. To listen to another recording Wagstaff click here.

It is my pleasure here to have a recording of “Harry Tucker” through the direct Voice mediumship of Mr Leslie Flint, who was once, and may still be, Britain’s most tested Medium.

If you have Googled Leslie Flint and found “Information” on Wikipedia you will have found that his life story and his great contributions have been “Wikipedia – ed” That is falsified, misconstrued and generally mucked about. What I don’t understand is that if something is wrong I.E there is no after life then prove it! If you have to mindfully, and willfully alter the facts then it is obvious that in doing so you are admitting that’s it true because you have to lie about it!

Isn’t that self defeating?

I would like to thank Corin Johnson and the Leslie Flint foundations for permission to play Leslie Flints tapes.