Bless you all who looked at my page I am truly humbled. Well over 8,500 and I thank each and every one of you. Light, always, Leo. Listen in to the show for live, on air readings and development advice, and answers on spiritual matters with my co hosts Sue and Wayne. Starts 2pm GMT.

However…. after a look this morning it seems that my face Book page has now a “Reach: People Who Saw Your Posts 15,278” ….. that is amazing and once again I thank you all.

Remember that the more light we spread, the more we get back! Treat all we do as a reward or something that we have to undo, preferably here, on Earth.

We have now had a reach of 3,264 for the blog radio show which we all humbly thank you. For a new show this is pleasing. We  are going to start soon to have some well known guests on and that is going to be so exciting.

See the link and go to blog radio for either archived or live shows. Figures for the show itself, even after a gap, which is impressive and again we thank you, is 3,264 this is believe it or not a magical number, for those who know about numerology those adding the numbers together comes to 15 and these added together become 6.

The format of the show is now slightly changed, in line with what spirit themselves initially directed and callers are very much encouraged to ask questions about spiritual matters whether that be guides, development – don’t forget that Wayne, Sue and myself are all development teachers, and all have many years of experience, we can answer questions on reincarnation and yes “The meaning of life” which is that basically Earth is a place of learning and we are here to experience all we can with whatever you may consider to be good or bad, because without balance what is there? How can we appreciate the good without the experience of the bad? Listen, call in experience and enjoy that contact with the evidential proof you need

Live readings will continue to be a mainstay giving evidence as we all can but our other aim is to inform, teach and develop those who require it. We shall inform you of safe and unsafe practices, things to avoid and those things to welcome. Once the love of spirit has touched you, you will never be the same again….

More people have gone to see “Psychic’s” than go to 6the catholic church but it is essential to go to the right clairvoyants, just like everybody else the quality varies and some are unscrupulous. Those that are unscrupulous affect the reputations of other’s and just like in any trade a few bad apples can affect the barrel.

Don’t forget to visit too, Sue’s and Waynes sites as advertised during the show.

Light, always, Leo.