It’s quite something when you are let down once in a very public way, but to have it happen twice in a row the second time without formal notice although we both knew as spirit had told us (Myself and guest Sue Breen) you should have heard the conversation…. Lol.

Anyway, you know what being sensitive means….  over a week ago I set up the sound man who has worked in the BBC, theatre and such for many years and also taught the subject so that shows the kind of back up we shall have on the show. Professionals behind the scene and the same fronting it.  Spirit always look after their own.

Anyway…. Leo’s show will be starting in a week or two, look for news on this site. what follows is a blow by blow account. Light to all x.

Well what can I say it looks like the Radio on Spiritualists on line has been cancelled … Having being asked to appear as a guest on Leo Bonomo’s show Julie the producer of the show did not turn up and without a word of apology…. very poor and very unprofessional…

Yes It would have been nice to get notification myself hun… The fact is it is premeditated because it has not been advertised so there is not excuse whatever. this is soooo unprofessional I can tell you.I would like comments or likes on what anyone thinks about an organisation like “spiritualists on line” and the Circle of mediums” who set up the show which I was privileged to do, they cancel the first one on what appeared and certainly appears now to be a spurious reason. and then without notice not even turns up to produce or get a message to you at all.

Does anyone perhaps perceive that this is wrong? If you think so would you mind not only liking this and also informing them? I have never, in my life met with such an unprofessional attitude. the fact is that we are to prepare for half hour before yet both times Julie the producer and co owner of “spiritualist on line” turned up minutes before.

Not that I ever panic, such a shame because we were told they had more listeners and calls than they could handle which is ok, I’m not saying this from ego, but people for the second time had anticipated and wanted to listen. Shame on you Julie. You have let yourself, spiritualists online and all your listeners down with not even the manners to let us know, even at late notice that there was a problem. Light to all, Leo.

Lol and the barrage has begun: –
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Barbie Roberts I told people to listen in!!! I was curious to hear what you are all about on the radio… very shoddy of them.
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Leo Bonomo yes hun I did the same, so many were from my side too. Never mind if that’s the way un professionals work that’s their problem. You will be glad to know that I am now starting my own radio show shortly, I will have control of this, I have some fantastic…See More
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Barbie Roberts I have contacted them and complained, told them this was very poor.
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Barbie Roberts well my mom would have said “it was a sign!!”
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Leo Bonomo Bless you hun if you can get your other friends to do the same I would appreciate it. anyway, very soon I shall have my own show professionally produced, and with professional people as guests so “stay tuned” as it were. Light hun xxx
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Barbie Roberts ok. i only told two people though, but still!!
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Leo Bonomo Light hun I appreciate your support I think Julie has blown a great chance for herself but there you go. It is one that lights up my sky. It is such a blessing
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Barbie Roberts the fact it happened twice and all, that’s what gets me.
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Leo Bonomo yes exactly.. that shows the difference between professionals and not