A warm welcome to today’s Tuesday) show starting at 2pm GMT. Something amazing for you to day! A conversation with a real dead person! Many of us know in the spiritual circles of a gentleman called Leslie Flint. Leslie was a Direct voice Medium. He recorded over 6,000 recordings of people from the other side. Today you are going to listen to “Wagstaff” a personal favourite of mine. He talks about his life where he is, and vivisection amongst other things. Oh yes and by the way…. Wagstaff was dead for many years before this recording was made. That’s right this is a real conversation with a dead person. It shows an intelligent, thinking person. With the kind permission of the leslie Flint Foundation. Tune in today and every tuesday. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/leobonomo Find Leslie at www.leslieflint.com

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