Hi all Bali is a wonderful place with wonderful people! I think I can safely say thateven with my knowledge and experiences of spirit over 55 years that that two weeks in Bali (Ubud) certainly made changes in my life!

I will discuss more at some other time. For now the EBook seems to be well on the way although I have encountered another problem… Summerland is selling well, but of course could always be better! Do tell your friends about it.

Here is a link to see what  “Amazon.com” Amazon USA is staring to say about it!

I now have two websites www.leo-bonomo.com which is this one…. and the new psychic line site. I have also discovered that time fly’s so quickly (? Yep a real revelation!) I had cards printed in 2008 and the price of a sitting has not gone up since then. While that is still a great service and continues to be… Prices for sittings have now to rise.

I have to appreciate that all things have to go up especially the cost of living! Anyway I am now back and things are back to normal thank you all for being there!


Light, always, Leo.