Leo in the Media. June 2015.

I am writing to let you know that I do need to update  the “Leo in the Media page” and some of it will be retrospective and I do have to trawl my archives it is time consuming so please bear with me.

I am highlighting this month’s papers and magazine that I am currently featured in.

Please do buy Psychic World (256 June 2015) and see the front page article on “Throwing it out there –Highly Defective thinking” it’s is basically a critique on the appalling standards of mediumship that have been allowed to flourish.

Psychic World throwing it out there

Also this month is an article out in Fountain International magazine 21st June 2015 Page 33.

This is titled “What is the creator like?” and it is basically something my guides gave to me some years ago as an explanation of what “God” – whichever name we wish to give it, is.

Fountain Internation Magazine 21 June 2015