Hi all, ok I have some news.

Those who listen to my radio show will know that because of steady problems I have become somewhat disillusioned with blog talk.

Over the last two and a half years or so I have lost over half a dozen shows. Part of the problem is that on blog talk you can only log in 15 mins before the show.

Effectively that only gives you 15 mins to sort out any/every technical problem before you go live.

Now, I’m never one to panic and thats my Martial arts side coming out but I am a very calm person anyway as you all know. However, when it means going live with substandard performance because a promised guest cant be logged in, or as in one case blog talks server went down, there is nothing I can do.

It doesn’t help when blog talk live chat line is never operating when I do a live show. This is of course the time difference but when you consider it is a “live 24/7 radio channel” but this isn’t good enough.

It doesn’t help either that neither blog talk nor Skype (Taken over by Microsoft) don’t inform you when they have made changes which affect logging into the show.

Fort instance, MS upgraded Skype and I couldn’t log in! This is not something to find out 15 mins before going live. This has happened believe it not once but twice!!!

It seems that even when I tried for 3 days after being forced to abandon yet another show, that when I got through to “Live chat” and asked them where they had been for 3 days I got the reply that when all the chat line host are busy it shows as “no one on line”…. What can you say?

Well, and this is the point. I have now been offered my own show on Paramecia Radio and it is due to start on the 2nd of december 2015, that is Weds of this week I am very pleased to do this.

It is a bigger audience and I’m told very reliable but the best part is that I have technicians to do all the tech stuff!! Hooray!

One of the problems is that if I have to start to sort out an online problem I get grounded and that doesn’t help with the readings. SO… All in all I am relived of the tech problems in every sense, I have access to a bigger audience and no problems getting guests on as I have in the last year (I think its been).

A win win situation for me, my audience and my guests. the address is (and you don’t have to become a member) is http://www.paramaniaradio.com You will be glad to hear that there are no planned changes to format except more commercial music and some adverts – showing the more commercial side of the station. So still great guests and one of the first will be Amanda Hart, still live readings, and great topics for debate as always on this 2 hour show.

You will be able to still download from the archives at blog talk and as and when that will change I will let you know.

There will be a small transition period from one to the other so my regular Blog talk will go out at 2pm live (we hope!!!!) and will end upon December the 21st 2015.

This will give a few weeks for me to let all my faithful regulars have notice.

Bless you all and much light as always, Leo.