Leo Bonomo has done well over 90 live reading two hour shows to date – 19th January 2016, giving an average of 10 insightful and detailed readings to callers in each show. No cold reading, Leo does not ask questions he firmly believes that you have come for answers. To see Leo being interviewed and what a demonstration is like look at his new youtube channel.

Leo upholds the greatest standards of mediumship and proves this every single day of his life. He considers himself blessed to be able to work but does understand he is, as he often admits, “just a small cog” in the scheme of things, Leo says “no matter how gifted someone may be, we can do nothing without Spirits help and guidance for which we must be eternally grateful.

Few mediums do live broadcast shows with such detail and predictions often the readings are a full 10 to 15 mins long not as in other shows 3- 4 mins.  Live readings for such a long period as “The norm” are unusual many of course do live demonstrations and so very many of them are in theatre, and are live but not many broadcast the whole show. Leo believes that “Live is live” and that if you do a show it has to be seen warts and all. After all we are all human and it is to his amazement that sometimes it works at all.

Leo is well known for predictions… And you can read on his “Customers and comments” page just how successful that is! Although we do have free will of course and can change our own future.

Leo has worked in TV studio and various Tv/YouTube interviews and is always willing to do live readings. So many TV shows are of course heavily edited and Leo does not believe that is the best way. Leo does not ask questions and does his utmost to always deliver. You can see that at times he does not have a clear idea of whats being given by spirit but the recipient of it very surely does. Isn’t that great evidence?

Leo believes that all mediumship should be evidential and he does not give the kind of information that some do… Leo is also the UK Director of the ASSMPI (American Society for Standards in Mediumship & Psychical Investigation) a charity that promotes the highest standards in the world. ASSMPI also trains mediums and stringently  evaluates all mediums that work under their banner.

You can see that at times the confirmations for a particular piece of information, often predictions, can come from the strangest of angles! You can only validate a production with evidential back up! Truly amazing how Spirit works!

Here is a list of those interviews that I have recently done – And please dont forget my Radio show on Paramaniaradio.com !

You can also go back and listen to 90 episodes alone of live readings on Leos old Blog talk radio shows…

This is the link for David Clarkes interview where I have given some live readings…

I believe it is important to show what kind of connection real mediums can make – and that it is not cold reading. In Order to prove a good medium does not cold read I always say “I do not want any information from you at all – If there is anything you do not understand then tell me as it helps to strengthen the link – And if you do have any subsequent questions then good.

In a good reading spirit know exactly what you have come for and will address any questions you have without the need for you to ask. Sometimes though, spirit have an need to address an issue they have first. On odd occasions its because you need to know even though you may not want to…

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17th Jan 2016 and nine months ago (19 Jan 2016 now) and 11 months ago