Hi all I am very proud to say that I have been featured in Spirit Messenger Magazine this week. As well as a front page section there is a full page article on page thirteen also advertising my book “Summerland”

Below is a reprint of the article issue 180 – August 2014, bless you all.


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Leo is a compassionate and caring medium and loves his work.  He comes from London and works all over the country and abroad.

Also appeared on”The  Circle TV”-  the information Channel.

Leo Bonomo says he feels fortunate to have had contact with spirit from a very young age. His earliest memory of seeing a  “Ghost” was at the age of two years.

During his formative years he had been blessed with many varied experiences: materialisations of different kinds, astral projections, light and heavy trance, overshadowing, prophecy, near-death experiences and automatic writing.

Leo said, ‘The first being at the age of about nine, and feeling so sick one night unable to cry out accepted at that point, that I was to die. That experience completely took away any concern for the point of change, or as many call it, Death.

My first platform experience was at Plaistow Church in east London. My guide to ld me to go to  the service because the medium that night would not be able to make it. I gave platform demonstrations success  fully at churches ranging far and wide from Wales to Kent and into Essex and as far as Huntingdon for a few years. Church demonstrations are now rare.

Since then, I have been lucky enough to have experienced Direct Voice with Mr Leslie Flint, table rapping, and portals in a north London home to name but a few things.

At  a  time  when  I was  being  pushed  by  Spirit  to  do something more with my gift, I told my Guide that I wanted 100% proof that now was the time to begin my development in a more professional way.”



Leo trained for eight years at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain in London as well as other circles.

Leo is now a development teacher, working  to bring out these gifts in others and have been blessed with seeing others blossom and able to give evidence for themselves. One whom Leo taught many years ago developed trance and spoke in perfect German(Xenoglossy) when a certain Guide came through and only when in trance.

Leo is also a healer. He runs very successful development circles in East London.

“/always want to help others especially in developing their spiritual pathsand to guide and ease pain

I have continued to develop my gifts and believe Mediumship is for the masses, knowing that if more were enlightened this would help the worldI intend to continue to develop my abilities because we never stop learning and to be of help to others.

I learn something new every day

Light, to youalways, Leo.


“SUMMERLAND”isamostunusualbook.IthasbeenwrittenasaNovelforaspecialpurpose,sothatthissimplestoryoflife,thechange(Death)andoureternalexistencemaybetold.Itsaimistoexpressthefactthatthereismoretousthan someofuswouldliketoacknowledge,butitissomethingthatmoreandmoreofus arebeginningtobelieveinandunderstand.Manhasaninherentknowledgethat somethingelseexists  -aGod,orCreator,whichevernamewegiveit.

ItiswrittenbySpirit,thosewhomwe maycall’GuardianAngels’andhasbeenwrittenspecificallyasaNOVEL.  Thisistheveryfirsttimethishasbeen done.

SUMMERLANDexploreswhathappensandwhy.Itshows,throughitssimplestory, whatformlifeinthenextworldtakesandmostimportantly,whywemustallfinally,takeresponsibilityfornotonlyouractionsandinactions,butalsothethoughtsandintentionsbehindthem.

“Summerland”isoneofthemostinterestingandextraordinarilythought-provoking books. Onceyoustartreading,youcan’tput itdown!!!.Thisisadefinitemust-read.


Summer/and is available now.Copies will be in paperback format, and in E-Book, I-pad, and all formats at some point.To order more than one copy please goto ordersummerland@leo-bonomo.comHeading for Email.Copy/paste “Summer/and order  “and email for a more competitive rate for more than one edition.