Hi All (This is from the SWA).

We thought you would all be interested in the following news that has been reported in various national papers today.

Greater Manchester Police have been taken to an employment tribunal by one of their police trainers over claims they sacked him because of his Spiritualist beliefs.

Alan Power, who has been a member of a Spiritualist church for 30 years, claimed that psychics could help detectives solve crimes. An employment tribunal yesterday ruled that Spiritualism should be placed on a par with other mainstream religions and philosophical beliefs and therefore Spiritualists should not be discriminated against.

Despite the attempts of the police lawyer to equate Spiritualists with Jedi Knights and claims that just because there are thousands of Spiritualists and hundreds of Spiritualists churches doesn’t mean it is a religion, the judge accepted that ‘….in common with other Spiritualists, the claimant (Mr Power) believes in the existence of a god and that the dead can be contacted through mediums. I am satisfied that such beliefs are capable of being religious beliefs for the purpose of the 2003 regulations.’ (Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003).

This is a landmark ruling for Spiritualists and goes some way to giving us back the legally recognised status that this government removed with the Repeal of the Fraudulent Mediums Act back in 2008.

There’s still some way to go to ensure Spiritualists are not discriminated against in other areas but this is a brilliant start.

Have a good weekend and try and keep dry!


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