Life after death has been provable in England for over 135 years. Who gains from its censorship? Look around to all those who hold power for the answer…. Governments, religions, those who hold monetary and material gain over others and those who subjugate and do not want to face their own failings and who will have to face their shortcomings in the new life, that’s who.

Jeremy Paxman tells the truth about Sir Oliver Lodge

Monday 17 February, 2014: Britain’s Great War, At the Eleventh Hour. BBC 1 Television

Paul, this was Jeremy Paxman’s last episode of his Great War series. He told how a medium contacted Sir Oliver Lodge giving evidence that his son Raymond, who had just been killed, was still very much alive. Paxman reported that the book that Sir Oliver Lodge wrote was a best seller and it gave great comfort to millions of grieving people:

‘Raymond or Life and Death’ by Sir Oliver J. Lodge (1916) Methuen & Co. Ltd.

Incredibly, no professional wreckers were brought on to rubbish the very idea that any person could possibly survive the death of their physical body. There was no sign of the “experts”, the psychologists Richard Wiseman, Chris French or Susan Blackmore.