Hi, I want to give a big thank you to Julie who has a great set of pictures on : – http://headingoutside.wordpress.com

There is certainly energy there in what looks like ectoplasm in some form. It is interesting that she can communicate with it too, it taking shape as she bids.

Julie wrote to me on “The Misty thing”  please see the comments and I saw a man I thought I recognised, one of the pictures looks like a man in a hood; I have  reproduced it here below.

You can clearly see a man’s face you can easily see two closed eyes*, nose mouth and a distinctive moustache. The moustache however is slightly longer but the resemblance is very good.

I think I recognise that person as Arthur Conan Doyle whom you may know as the person who invented Sherlock Holmes.

I have placed a picture of him for comparison. I have urged her to keep the location secret if she can.

This is very exciting. It certainly appears as though Spirit is beginning to manifest physically for you and for this to be in the open rather than a circle or séance is unusual.

Light, love, prayers and healing, always, Leo X *Strange thing now… The right eye is more defined… Look below for the original picture!!!! The cheek bones shape of mouth and nose seem to be more defined….. Watch out for more…

Arthur Conan Doyle And now this…

Sir Arthur Julies origin

See the two pictures below they are less defined than the one I posted in the article which seems to be developing on its own! Now here’s the thing. I took a screen shot and its changed again!!! Look at third picture. What is happening?

Sir Arthur Julies origin close up

Why does this same picture appear to have the figure’s eye closed? How can this happen with a single picture just copied and pasted?

Now eye is closed  screen shot

Now a close up…

Sir Arthur Closed eye close up 2