Interesting reads

This page is dedicated to interesting reads and you are welcome to make comments on any interesting books you have read of a spiritual nature or books you feel generally are good to read. Please email me on for your recommended reads!

More shall be added as we go along.

Arthur Findlay – On The Edge of The Etheric.

Sir William Crookes – Researches in the Phenomena of Spiritualism.


Dr Carl Wickland – Thirty Years among the Dead.

Sir Oliver Lodge FRS – The Mode of Future Existence.

Spirit Teachings Stainton Moses.

Leo Bonomo. Summerland.

Leo Bonomo. A Book of Thoughts.

Annie Kagan. The Afterlife of Billy Fingers.

Dr Richard Ireland. Your Psychic Potential.

Helen Greaves. A Testimony of Light – one of my all time favorites!

Phylis M Walsh. The Illusion of Mortality Part way through (18 2 2015) what a great book!

Rev Drayton Thomas. Some New Evidence for Human Survival. Stunning, a very old book lucky to have an original.