Hiya guys….  I’ve been doing some thinking about guides. I know we all have one that stays with us through our whole lives but what happens to them when we pass over? I read that our spirit guide is a version of our higher self so does that part of us die when we do?

On another note, I was at my friends house the other day and saw a shadow type figure pacing his kitchen. It happened about three times that day. The next day I went home and kept seeing things moving even though I couldn’t see anything there. In the afternoon I had a nap and in my centre vision picked up the dark figure again. It flashed in my vision twice, made the sheet twitch which was hanging over my door and then I heard ‘can u hear me,’ I said yes and asked who it was but I then saw them walk out the room.

So my other question is. Do u think someone is just testing me or do you think they are trying to tell me something and if so how can I communicate with them long enough to find out what they want? I know it takes a lot of energy to come through like that so how can I help them?


Leo’s answer.

Hi S, our soul is “our guide” or the fragment that incarnates is but “real guides” are part of the soul group that you are attached to. There may be several soul groups having different functions. They still retain their guidance for us.

 Our main guide is one who has known us for eons and was with us before birth into this incarnation, and will be with us throughout it and with us after.

We have or may have several guides that interchange throughout this life depending  on what we are experiencing. For example, those who work for spirit may have a guide who works with them for trance, mediumship, healing etc.

 I have many who perform different and usually no interchangeable roles. For example, I have those who work with me for teaching, those who help me with platform work, those who are with me for phone readings (online) and those who are there with private sittings. I also channel quite a lot and there are various who help with that too depending again on what it is. Some are more concerned with philosophy, others with poems etc, so with me there are “regulars” if you like but many others step in so to speak. This may be unusual but it is indicative of the fact that depending on what we actually “do” there can be many that assist.

 Again, if you work spiritually there is more need for the presence of a “door keeper” substitute “bouncer” Lol who keeps you safe and so much more necessary if you do trance especially deep trance.

 The fact that you are seeing “shadows” indicates that your clairvoyance is starting to kick in. As this progresses it will go from “shadows” to more and more solid and then into full colour and the images be directly in front of you, absolutely solid just as you could see me.

 Yes in a sense they are testing you to see what you can “see” so it is always a good idea to acknowledge you have seen them. At times it is hard for them to fully comprehend what you can see and feel. This sometimes results in you seeing/hearing something unexpected lol.

 Acknowledge and thank them for their efforts and you will be rewarded by experiencing more, more acutely. Once you begin to acknowledge that you feel them they will certainly tend to communicate more. The more we can communicate the better it is for us and them, it is the whole purpose of them trying. 🙂

 Light hun, always, Leo. XX