Imagine no countries… Migrant, problem?

Colony Earth.

One world, one colony, one true nation Earth.


Spirit advised me some time ago and my comments are well documented, that “In twenty to thirty years’ time this world would be so very different” I know it will be more spiritual but there has been a surprising twist…

Thanks to the no borders policies and the EU, the ravaging of their homelands by financing, hardship, religious differences and wars people are evacuating in huge numbers from their own generally poorer countries.

This influx, this spread, has become contagious throughout the world and while in Europe Germany is seen as the best and most welcoming place to go, a complete turn around in the acceptance of other peoples from the attitude of war torn Germany, it is because of the no border policy that has been visited on Europe it may yet be the proving factor of how the world should be.

There are millions of refugees and possible refugees around the world and even places like America through its borders with Mexico etc, are affected.

The current refugee crisis and make no mistake it is, just brings more compassion and light to the situation changing as it does, the more hardened individuals, together with pressure from the people into seeing the real state of the situation, when it can no longer be hidden, this is the way of spirit, highlighting those areas of hardship we can change and the groundswell of compassion and light that floods in.

Between what spirit have said to me and the current situation it does appear indeed that barriers are coming down because of overwhelming odds. There is a great need for this change.

This requires great foresight on the part of Politian’s and leaders (usually their needs and that of their supporters which are met first) and the lessening of some restrictions and the strengthening of others with cooperation.

Are we seeing the start of the disappearance of borders proper, in its infancy? Could the spirit inspired song of John Lennon on the beginnings of this new world that is dawning, be at last prophetic?

Perhaps we should really begin to see this world as a colony in itself, not something that is divided but something that cannot be separated?

After all, just where is it we go if we want to leave here? It is the only planet certainly for many hundreds of years that we have and that we have any right to.

It is THE only place we should realise that we have to nurture as it has nurtured us. We are in very many ways poisoning the mother that feeds and clothes us and can inherently keep us as we need to be.

Spirit will always accomplish what it needs to for the light. It can out wait us all not only as individuals, as countries and states but of course should we decide eventually (I don’t think it will happen) to annihilate ourselves, there will surely be some left who can start again in this place we call home?

This radical realisation that while we are contained on this colony, we are not really contained within it because however much a power or country wishes to prevail for itself it will only ultimately succeed in its isolation, and therefore with the greater world as it will become, in that isolation be solely dependant on itself as open and liberal countries will surely wish to not trade with them, capitulation eventually must happen, isn’t this what is already happening?

No country is greater that the Earth. No country can live apart from the Earth… A country can only damage itself ultimately. A conglomeration of countries can only damage the Earth as they have been doing… Greed, vanity and ego are the things that really have to be beaten.

After that all things will fall into place and that can only happen with spiritual harmony, not force. Force as we have history to support can only last for so long. We should as light workers take advantage of the light that has poured into everyone’s lives and those who turn against will be left to suffer their own consequences of suffering and Karma.

In this countries that are isolating themselves, through war and revilement they are placing an isolation and restriction upon themselves and in their so called success of over running and control of their country, in the decimation of it will as we have said only succeed in in the separation of themselves and the failure to trade with others.

Countries may have great resources and yes those may last hundreds or thousands of years but in their own growing populations such as they will be, populations at that time must be controlled or they must escape in such circumstances as we now witness.

In the mix up, interbreeding which has already happened and will continue to happen the loss of radical ideas will change the world as it already has done.

The spiritual side of life is, and ever will be more open and recognised and understood and so this will be the fulfilment of the prophecy that spirit has given. That “The world will be as one” not in just a colony without borders, borders are manmade and perishable, but a home where the understanding of spirit is paramount, where the negative aspirations of religions will have all but disappeared.

We we can truly live as one, as we are starting to do so and were intended to be.

As we know from spirit there is no hell but what we can make for ourselves. The prediction from spirit of the increase in vibrations, in the making since we arrived here in our first forms and in the surges of the Aquarian age and so much more importantly the huge shift in 2012 and its continuance until that level we aspire too has been achieved, will arrive.

So many have woken, so many understand, so many are seeing and acknowledging and, more so interacting with spirit and this is a fuelling factor that has already brought such great changes within this colony, colony Earth. None can fail to see that rise in compassion that this great change has continually brought.

None can fail to see that in no borders is the final solution that we can live as one and that in the mix the spirit can continue to rise up. It is, ironically, the fact that Germany is welcoming so many that perhaps the start of the final solution has its beginnings?

No one can escape this place we call Earth, this colony, except for passing. No matter how many pass there will be more who live…

How can we fail to acknowledge the one thing that has stared us in the face since we have chosen to be brought here? We may be different outside but we are just souls in a body, as the saying is “souls having a human experience,” but we are here for a reason, just as the animals are, different souls at a different stage of spiritual evolution we are all all here and we are one…

We are spirit and we have only this one place to live for this particular experience and we now have the power to subjugate those who would supress us and in that freedom which is expressing itself worldwide we are starting to fulfil that expression of spirit, that in our growing understanding there will eventually be no borders, there will be no separation and there will be so many, experiencing no suppression and only the kindnesses that we are all due and should show one another.

Dictators will isolate their own and will be overtaken in time by their own and freedom will abound in all but the darkest and smallest places of this colony Earth this place is, after all, a place of testing but we can take advantage of all this and make a difference. We can take advantage of the real sciences that show great proof of the absolute fact of spirit existence really our existence and with its discoveries push through that knowledge that is the birth right of all.

As always, inspired by Spirit in the certain knowledge that these times are a’ changing and while struggle and hardship are for a space are the only way, that way is clear, true and right.


May the world live as it should Petre.


Continued light to all, Always. Leo.