I have personally a friend who has been taken in by this fake medium… I have found another link denouncing this woman…. It seems as though she is now getting the heat she deserves!

This is the worst! This woman needs to be arrested and charged no matter how this reflects on other mediums! Mediums, genuine ones do not rely on ads such as the one at the end, begging for money pulling at heart strings! Beware fake mediums!

On the site (linked below) are these claims and evidence produced…. you decide…. Light, Leo.

” Community Bonni Lee AKA Bonni Rubenstein/Rubinstein is a self proclaimed “Medium”, the purpose of this page is to question her claims.

Currently she has several groups here on Facebook which she utilises to advertise her alleged “Mediumship””  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bonni-LeeRubenstein-medium-or-Fraud-You-decide/1413329852221492

Look at this post! ” Legacy.com an international source of info of our loved ones, type the name of the deceased and it will bring up their obituary and all the guest books that families and friends post on, a goldmine for fake Mediums. Bonni Lee is very much aware of this source.”

Bonni Lee Leagacy

Bonni Lee Leagacy 2

Check out Shane Rosen Facebook profile, you will see that this is the photo Bonni Lee uses for it.

Bonni Lee Shane Rosen

“Shane Rosen is a Fiction, being presented to others as a REAL individual, the only thing real about him is the photo, it is the photo of a guy in England, the rest, including these posts are created by Bonni Rubinstein AKA Bonni Lee.

Do you really believe she is having conversations with your loved ones who passed over knowing she has conversations with fictional Characters created by her?”

” This is a screenshot of Bonni’s Adoption group ‘Bonni heart of triad’.

Bonni Lee Heart of triad

Take note of the dates, you will see from this or if you prefer to research this group for yourself, that controversy surrounds this woman and it appears, always has done even way back then.

If you take the time to check these groups out, you will also see that she is often accused of being other people in the group, it appears that faking profiles has been part of her behavior for a long time.”

” Here she is advertising herself as a ‘PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR’ again.”

Bonni Lee aka Rubenstein private investigator

This is another photo Bonni claimed was her after she cropped and manipulated it, as you will see below, this is NOT Bonni Lee.

What all these pictures she claims were her or the fictitious ‘Shane Rosen’ should be revealing to you is how DECEPTIVE she is, if she is prepared to lie about her physical appearances and prepared to create a fictional character, namely Shane Rosen AND engineer an openly online correspondence with a FICTIONAL character and have you all believe this is TRUE, what else is she creating and lying to you about?
Do any alarm bells ring out to you why she changes her name?
Is this an attempt at covering her tracks?
Why is she constantly creating one group after another here on Facebook?
It’s blatantly obvious for all to see that this Woman creates a fictional world of her own, combine that with her ability to access personal information (Adoption searches) and you have excellent tools to pass yourself off as a Medium.
Don’t be fooled, she has done her homework by associating online with reputable mediums, authors and Groups, many of which have now become enlightened about her deceptive nature and disassociated themselves from her.

Recently, It appears she has become more ambitious and now claims to be a ‘Physical Medium’ charging up to $200, are you prepared to invest your hard earned cash in this Woman?

As you will see, this is the REAL guy who’s photo she used to create the fictitious Shane Rosen and created a Facebook profile for him.
The real guy is from and lives in the UK, his name is Sebastian Anthony, he’s a photographer and his self portraits can be found in various places over the net.

I sent the profile pic of ‘Shane Rosen’ to Sebastian Anthony and asked him if this was him, he replied;

It is, yes! Where’d you find that?

Not Shane Rosen Sebastian Anthony

Oh and how is this parting shot? Strange how amongst all the angst she just manages the “Oh by the way send payment here!” It makes you sick. This is the worst! This woman needs to be arrested and charged no matter how this reflects on other mediums! Light, always Leo xx

“This is the manipulative streak she uses to pressure members of her groups to buy her readings, just one of many!

Bonni Lee

As most of you know last Oct I sent a text to my ex after being provoked saying, “If you come here I will shoot you” His police officer friend came here the next day took my kids and arrested me for terrorist threats. That was dropped but I accepted without contest a protective order. My ex said he would take care of it all and didnt… Now I just got two bench warrants for my arrest. The police were here in my driveway but thankfully I was out…..
I need 400.00 right way….

I am not asking for anything to be given to me.

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