I have been involved in a discussion about “what is God” and my guides several years ago gave me this tiny, small insight as to what the creator is like. The explanation is vastly insufficient and I ask humbly for patience for my own inadequacies.

When we talk about higher connections and evolved spirits and guides the language we have is vastly insufficient literally there “No words to describe” even the marginally higher spheres above those of the Summerland.

For example we talk here of colours but the variety, blends, and types of colours in spirit that we do not have here and are of such intensity and which can communicate, different passions and feelings of themselves that we again have no words to describe. Once we try to explain what “God may be” we are as Jack said at kindergarten stage.

My guides once explained this to me. “If you can imagine that your energy is like a drop of water, a molecule of water, that it has sense and feeling, that it has an awareness of you being you, that it can sense things around it. Then if you can see that there is the vastest ocean, that would stretch across millions of galaxies… and that you are immersed in that ocean… and that from shore to shore your awareness is such that any other molecule not only has that awareness but can share that with you, so you would know what the furthest, deepest molecule would be experiencing, even then you would not be able to understand how the creative energy connects us all and is omnipresent. But, to understand in these simple terms is, for now an explanation that has to suffice.”

It does not matter what name we give it… Names do not mean much… “God” is a feeling we feel as humans we have to try to explain. In any sphere of spirit there is a Guardian – we can call them the person in charge. Imagine ours of seven and a half billion people… That person is available to you should you need them for particular reasons.

That person knows you intimately, every thought, action, feeling, and experience you have had not just in this earth life but all the times you have been in spirit. It knows everything from this life, and every life you have had and ever will have…. This person also knows every other single soul of this sphere of seven and a half billion people in the same way. What knowledge they hold…

Yet this person is “Only a keeper, guardian and adviser” of one sphere of which there are many millions… in billions of worlds and dimensions and so, in that sense quite low on the ladder of hierarchy. Above them are those who for want of a better phrase are guardians of “solar systems” and above them those of galaxies, and above them of star system’s and of them regions of star systems, and above them those who rule particular dimensions, systems of dimensions, ad infinitum.

There are counsels of beings who coordinate on every level… we cannot imagine the levels and what individual beings knowledge consists of let alone the worlds/spheres they occupy and their incomparable beauty.

There are the realms of course where Angels exist angels never have been or will be incarnate as humans they are a completely different species and our own inadequacy of language only enables us to describe them in the way we do.

In our limited way we describe them as having wings, they do not but our only explanation at the time of how they were able to travel so fast was “they have wings” and if you believe, yourself that they have wings, then if you are aware of them, do have wings for you. So much was given in the only way we as lowly souls could accept the explanation.

Angels are amorphous, sexless beings usually very tall depending on how they want to represent themselves to you. At the very least nine feet tall but many are much taller.

There are many beings that are not and never have been human and these would include those that come under the banner of elementals, that is Goblins, etc and those who are water elementals, those who represent clouds, stones, trees, metals, the earth itself, fire, many of the “Elements” such as their name suggests.

Amongst those who are not and never have been human are those are also those which we, in human terms, might call “Devils” or demons shown by the images we can see throughout history and recognised as such. There is no hell except that which we create for ourselves.

By the marvellous application of spiritual law which is immutable the law of attraction, “like attracts like” when we pass into the realms of spirit, closer to the source we are inexorably drawn to that which we have created for ourselves…

This means not only are we drawn towards those who are like us, deep within, but the conditions that represent those feelings for example those who murder and torture would find themselves, example again, as in earth, a world/sphere/dimension of seven and a half billion people/spirits/ and those elementals we would term “Demons”.

Can you try to imagine a world/sphere/dimension where everyone is trying to kill, maim and torture you? Every moment is filled with the concern of what may happen and in stark contrast, what you are planning to do to them? Understand that as you cannot “die” even torn limb from limb; if, when you escape you only want revenge.

The conditions themselves would be as you may expect, stark and dark, so pitch dark that you cannot see your hand in front of you face… Sounds of cackling and screaming as you know what is happening to others, the same things you would do…

The stench of rotting flesh, sulphur… This is what we would easily recognise as “Hell” but it will only exist for those who from their own minds and actions it is created.

By the very same token the Summerland “Heaven” whatever name we wish to give it, is what we would also imagine it to be… Can you imagine those so spiritual, helpful and loving laughing, learning encouraging. Those who heal and teach the boundless expression of love once again created by the person that is within, that is to say the soul.

They are literally many worlds apart. As we have tried to say above the beauty of which is inexpressible. Try to understand what we call water has a life of its own. The taste is so wonderful. The water heals… as it plays at a waterfall for example, there are musical notes, there is colour, rainbows within it. When you bath it is buoyant yet you can dive should you wish, when you come out of it you are dry…

Everything has life, stones, water, earth, clouds whatever you may imagine as inanimate has life, interaction in the most pleasant way. Some of the buildings are made of what can only be described as “luminescent stone” it vibrates at a very pleasant tone it reacts yet it is recognisably in a basic form as “Stone” not only is its translucent, luminescent it has similar to mother of pearl, millions of colours emanating from it.

Some of the buildings actual heal of themselves. There are colleges and universities and very popular indeed are what we would in a basic form understand as “Theatres” which once again are unlike anything we would know of.

Try to imagine the feeling of a room without walls. It feels, and is recognisably is “a room” but it has no boundaries.

Plays etc are very popular but they have a difference. Usually if it is historical in nature, the parts are played by the real characters themselves. All is truth, no bias, no covering up but no violence no darkness in any form whatsoever.

One of the most popular “shows” again it is a mixture of forms of theatre, cinema, amphitheatre where the “Ages of man” is played out. It shows how man has (or has not, sadly) progressed.

There are rest homes and “Hospitals” places where should you want to learn science, medicine, earth of spirit of course, music, dance etc in fact anything you may want to. There are places too where you will relive at the right time everything you did in life.

The mind is “Gods camera” every thought emotion, action etc is remembered and relived for your benefit – good and bad and you can feel the effects of what you say, do and intend and remarkably how it affects and affected others.

Thinking now of how you interact with others and how they may feel will save you many emotions when you eventually pass over. The immutable law of “Cause and Effect” is what plays here. Partly karmic it governs interaction of all kinds, in every conceivable way.

When you hear music just like here you can “feel it” to not only that but in hearing it you can feel the very same feelings that the writer composer felt when writing it.

Music for example can not only be heard and felt but literally seen, each note, as with everything, has not only a vibration but a colour try to imagine music that literally (like Jimi Hendrix said) that lights up the sky as it plays. Sheets of moving love and light that can itself heal as it passes through you, not just your own emotions but those of the composer and those whom you connect with as they enjoy the same.

What does a perfectly pitched two million voice choir sound like? Wow! I cannot imagine the power of that, the love, emotion and joy expressed in it. Not just the words… but the very life in it.

The homes and places where you may choose to live, should you want a “home” are many and varied as are in fact the type of communities you can choose to occupy. Whether you choose city type, again recognisable as a city the feeling is so different, no “roads” as such. villages should you want, open country or desert, forests or beaches whatever it is you desire is there for you. Shared by souls of a like mind.

The words given to me and so badly expressed by me is as said so very badly inadequate, so miserably falling short that should you experience, as you certainly will, the “Summerland” and reflect on these words, you may, perhaps, just vaguely think “Oh yes, it was described to me but actually the feeling there but far short, but in fact it is as far removed in description that it is barely the same..”


Be the light you are, always, Leo.