I have been busy lining up guests for the show, first on is Sue Breen whom you will probably know. the list is secret so far but I will announce as and when and there are some surprises with guests you may not know of, but need to hear of, for example do you know what physical mediumship is? Did you know that people attend circles where their loved ones actually materialise and not only talk to you, but sometimes can and will stroke your face? They are solid and they are real! And there are one or two famous faces that are coming too. From mediums to scientists all of whom have a great interest in this subject. Look out for regular announcements. Light all, always, Leo.


Bless you hun…. this is going to be so exciting… I aim to bring a whole new set of standards for mediumship to those who need it and bring the whole subject’s span to those who know only a little.