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Politicians often make decisions on what “is best for the country” Often what is best for the country is money and power. Many times this is at odds with what is best for people… Is it any wonder that so many decision makers skew their way of doing things to “make them fit”? Some of course deliberately go out of their way to line their pockets and those like drugs companies and arms dealers trade undeniably on the misery of others. This applies to those who ply the trade of vivisection and the is an interesting comment on this in one of Leslie Flints recordings….. Oh what shall become of them that misuse animals in the name of “science” it is a disgrace but they shall get their rewards both here and in the afterlife definitely.

Lets take the question of the trade of cigarettes… and their manufacture and sales… Of course it is obvious now to most that they are incredibly bad for you…. Yet for years not only were they prompted as a health benefit but when taken to task companies strenuously denied they could do any harm at all. This leads to the question and channelled answer below.

“That’s right, my dad smoked himself to death.  He came home on leave with buckets of fags.  He was so addicted he used to make me go round all the neighbours asking for five willy woodbines till he could go out to buy some.   He had the most terrible death anyone could have.   He even searched the streets and picked up dog ends.  When he got the tobacco out of the dog ends I helped him roll new ones with the roller.

Shame on those tobacco companies.  I’m glad drugs were not so available in those days as he would have had to have those when tobacco was not enough.

 Sad isn’t it.”


 Yes it is… the other shame about this is that those involved in the making and selling will also have to face his passing and the effects it had on you and others in your family and the very same for each and every individual affected similarly.

 I believe if they had known of what they will face in spirit they at least had a choice as to whether to continue to poison people in this way. I believe that everyone should be aware of the choices they make may have a real effect in spirit. Then at least they make their choices with knowledge and their own free will.

 We cannot take away theirs but at least they could make choices with knowledge. This of course goes for politicians and warmongers too. How different life could be with this precious knowledge we have, if all could make the choice whether to understand it or not and those who obscure it for selfish reasons know of the real damage they do to themselves….