A case has come to my attention, of someone due to pass and the great pain and suffering it causes both that person and those who love them. Death is a way of life. So in this conversation five mins ago, I have been inspired to write this.

Sometimes the grieving starts before our loved ones depart.

That news of irrepressible finality, that confirmation that the circumstances our loved one is enduring will see them leave us. I feel that this is so important. That we understand what we can do.

The best you can do is ask for healing, send love. They are going home and yes we shall undoubtedly miss them. So many think of the sadness, not the rejoicing.

Most people think “If they are going to die whats the point?” But, the process also helps with the transition to spirit too. It eases it, it calms and makes sure (The process leading to it) is painless. Passing itself is painless however the hours and moments up to that point may not be. If the person is aware of this then tell them.

When the point comes you can also tell them (if you are going to be there) that it’s alright to let go.  It is one of the most precious things you can do at that time.

If you can’t be there, send the thoughts to them. It is the most natural thing in the world. We have all done this many times and the release is one of the most astounding and pleasant things to happen.

That is why it is called “Heaven.” We shall all truly meet again and that cannot happen if the reality of the real life isn’t true and, there is so much proof. Light to all, always, Leo.