A group I am involved in recently brought up the subject of some mediums faking it, and of course there are some which we as a community are as staunch about “outing” as sceptics are after all, from a sceptics point of view “It does our business no good at all” of course we can get tainted with the same brush Fakes who can seriously abuse the responsibilities and cause great harm. Some specific cases were mentioned and I suspect that the “information source” was wikipedia-ed enough said!

 I can’t corroborate either of the cases but I can mention something (without mentioning names in a negative sense) which I understand to be true. When people come to prominence there are many undue pressures which individuals feel on a different scale. Forced in a sense to “perform.”

 For example, some mediums can’t work properly if there is too much metal around, or too many electrical items – I am sure we all know that electrical items play up/fail etc around “sensitives” they can be disrupted. Conversely too, many strong electrical items/power around can upset a mediums ways of working.

 This means not all mediums can work in TV studios for example. Those that can be are “encouraged” and I have had it mentioned to me myself, to make it more “interesting” I have refused, I know that John Edward has, live on national TV, I know that Gordon Smith has also walked out on Most Haunted when he was asked to “Elaborate” good for him. I am not saying that I am on a par with John Edward or Gordon Smith far from it these are cases that are fairly well known.

 Some mediums are not able to resist trying to please the studio and of course studio time is very expensive especially when the series is successful the pressures are enormous. Of course many programs take seven or eight hours to film an episode yet have a “screen time” of half hour for example.

 It is heavily edited, personally I would prefer to do live “warts and all” to show it is real and it is not always easy.

This is one of the reasons I do live readings on my radio show there are times when a connection is not possible and I believe it is valuable from the point of view of showing it is real, it is not faked. None of us are perfect.

 It is not easy having for example a large audience and say “sorry no connection with you” the possible embarrassment is the least of it. When I was filming a short series (10 weeks, filmed in three days, that may give a small idea of the kinds of pressure that can be imposed) in Germany it was a typical 12 hour day for ultimately 5 – 10 mins screen time.

 Those who “make it” are sometimes wanting to keep the lifestyle this can bring and they have built up and this causes extra pressure. Of course there are always those who are just waiting for you to fall and this can be jealous mediums as much as hard line sceptics.

 That is a choice they have to make… Some are tempted to fill in, especially in an interview that may be life changing for them and continue to improve their coverage Once that decision is taken it can be a slippery slope. Of course sceptics are always waiting to pounce.

 Another thing that may be of interest which many who have readings do not know of, is that mediumship can be a great burden as well as a great gift.

 I am an honest person anyway but something that I am aware of is that should I intentionally put you wrong in a reading and that causes you to make life changing decisions that could alter you, your children’s and grand children’s and possibly great grand children’s, cousins etc, etc, future circumstances especially for the worst, then, when I pass over myself I have to make up for all the hurt, hardships and problems that may haunt (no pun intended) generations to each person individually, that is quite something.

 I take that very seriously indeed. Nothing is more important than to be honest in your mediumship.

 I would never uphold faking it. There has been a occasion when demonstrating that the energy failed and I simply said that. We had some more hymns and the power regenerated and we continued, it was a valuable lesson for me never to take this for granted. I believe (as John Edward had said) that actually in enhances your reputation far from detracting from it.

 Are you aware that physical mediumship, especially in the sense of “old practices” not using the new energies, takes a great physical toll on the body and does shorten the life of the medium? It happens too with trance though not to such a degree and does not seem to effect mental mediumship as much though many mediums – myself included, have problems with weight. Mediumship does affect the human body.

One thing when sceptics accuse us especially of physical mediums of “faking it” is they are not aware that the practice does shorten the life of a medium …. As well as the amount of money, time and effort of training and demonstrating that we put into it, we understand that it shortens lives… Wouldn’t those things show we (most of us) are sincere?

 I hope this helps?

 Light to all, always. Leo.

                                                        We Share, We Learn, We Grow.