Leo Bonomo has now taken over the Holistic Therapy Directory for the UK.

As well as holistic practitioners it will include Mediums, psychics and those who have similar professions, interests and services to provide.

It is currently number six in the world rankings and so will make you quite prominent with far reaching effects. With some extra work this will soon be number one!

Please take a look at the site http://holistictherapiesdirectory.com/advertise/  but come back to me to get either a discount or you can write a press release which we shall promote/send out for you. This alone is quite expensive, but you also have to know where to send it.

Get other practitioners involved and we can get you an extra discount. The Directory will also be promoted on my sites, LinkedIn, twitter, FB, Google+ and of course the radio show. Ads will be placed in the spirit Guide too.