The book SUMMERLAND is on sale and available from this week. This is the first book ever written by Spirit (Channelled) specifically written as a novel.

SUMMERLAND will make you cry and jump for joy…. If you are one of those many who bought and loved Heaven is for real… if you bought it and wondered “Where does it actually go from there?” then you need to buy SUMMERLAND.

Widely available soon after in all major book stores. And now on Amazon Kindle version too!

This is story that I would rather describe as “Faction” rather than fiction. Why? Because whilst it appears that all the characters are fictitious – and I have my doubts about one or two of them, it is a real factual depiction of what “The SUMMERLAND” OR “HEAVEN” is like; written by those who are there, and have been there, for in some instances, thousands of years. Fact. These are the guides who have in a real sense written the book, my part being incidental.

Being a professional medium for some years and seeing spirit for almost all of my 57 years I can say that what is given is real.

There are some remarkable similarities between SUMMERLAND and “Heaven is for real.”

In “Heaven” there is the remarkable story of Todd Burpo who at the age of four had an NDE –Near Death Experience with this experience Todd travelled to heaven and talked to Jesus, God and others. In SUMMERLAND, Alex is a young boy of fourteen who dies and goes to heaven; he stays much longer but returns briefly to show one reason for cot deaths.

In “Heaven” Todd recalls quite clearly what he saw in the brief time he was there; in SUMMERLAND it explores the full experience of Alex’s many years there. Alex tells of many things, the book shows what happens to us, why and what correlation there is between mediums and the afterlife. It shows how we progress and what life is like for those who are, in truth, much more alive than we are. It discusses suicides amongst many other things.

It shows what Karma really is, how the real immutable laws affect us and that no one can “Plea bargain” in the court of the soul and get away with it. All who commit crimes will have to pay, a comfort indeed to those who feel that Earth justice fails. It should be a sobering thought to those who hurt others too. SUMMERLAND discusses what is it like to pass and why that moment is painless, no matter what the circumstances. It discusses spirit interference and healing and many things besides. It shows why there should be no fear of death.

SUMMERLAND was briefly released in 2010, October, “Heaven was released in 2010, November. The books are about young boys, about passing and eventually coming back. They relate true, real experiences of what “heaven is like” there are many similarities between the books. However, SUMMERLAND was written in 1987 and spirit chose the time, perfect timing as always, of when it was to be properly published.

To look at “Heaven is for real” go to the link below. To buy mine go to and go to “Buy my books” this book will be available from all good book shops online etc including Amazon and all good bookshops. If you want to know what would have happened to Todd if he stayed longer…. You need to buy SUMMERLAND.

A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back A young boy emerges from life-saving surgery with remarkable stories of his visit to heaven. ‘Heaven Is for Real’ is the true story of the four-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who during emergency surgery slips from consciousness and enters heaven.