The Guardian shows a 20.5 per cent increase in “Spiritualists.
Hot off the press – well the issue 4093 of Psychic News, in a census shows a 20.50 per cent increase in spiritualists.

I don’t exactly know if that means spiritualists per se or people who believe in an afterlife and therefore class themselves as “Spiritualist” because “those are people who believe in it” or not. That is for others to find out.

However the increase does not surprise me at all, 2012 was all about the rise in vibration and the awakening of people in general all of which was predicted by spirit and this year itself has a wonderful vibration that many that I have talked to understand.

This is part of the change that has been predicted and talked about for quite some time. Looking at it from a “Materialistic point of view” how many organisations or industries can claim such an increase? Few I would imagine.

The fact is that this has been predicted, it is happening and the constant changes will continue. To those who are aware none of this is a surprise but it is greatly welcomed. These changes will continue, increase and will contribute to a world change. In the next 20 – 30 years the world will change in ways unimaginable, all positive spiritually.

What we do need to be aware of though is that with this increase and attention firmly on “Spiritualism” that those who would take advantage (Scam artists) who abuse those who are searching for the truth, are not taken advantage of.

Whilst growing and acknowledging this shift we must let all those know that responsibility is a heavy thing and those who mislead will pay the price for it.

Love and light, always, Leo.